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18 Of The Wittiest DIY Ideas We Would Have Never Thought Of

Image Source: Reddit

We are well aware of the fact that not everyone is good at making things work. A DIY project needs someone with good ideas and lots of skills, otherwise, it would not be successful. The list below is full of things that were achieved using basic resources but the great ideas of the people behind these projects were the driving force behind them.

1. The coat hanger

Image Source: Reddit

Well, this might not be the prettiest chandelier out there but it is most certainly the cheapest one possible. Someone was in need of more light so they grabbed a coat hanger and some wire and you can see the end result. It appears to be a rigid enough structure.

2. The leak fix

Image Source: Reddit

What someone did to fix a leak here is actually brilliant. Sure enough, it is a temporary solution but when the leak happens and the stores are closed, you must do something about it as soon as possible. In this case, the clever person was able to stop the leak.

3. The pool heater

Image Source: Reddit

When you really want to lounge all day in your backyard swimming pool but the water is too cold to be comfortable, there is still one solution: heat the water to the desired temperature. There are more than one ways to do that but this is an awesome choice.

4. The switch 

Image Source: Reddit

If you need to create a flow switch, this is one of the best solutions we could offer. As you can see, the simple contraption is entirely DIY and appears to be working like a charm! The switch is important to have if you want to avoid flooding.

5. The support

Image Source: Reddit

DIY repairs are never pretty but they often do the job they are intended to. In this case, the handyman at an apartment building fixed a coat hanger inside one of the tenants’ homes. It looks like it would hold a lot of clothes now.

6. The exhaust

Image Source: Reddit

There are things in life we would always find hard to do and car repairs are among them. Most people are even afraid to pop up the hood, not to mention getting their hands dirty. Someone obviously decided to tackle an exhaust repair and they did a good job, too.

7. The pedals

Image Source: Facebook

Cycling is awesome for the mind and body but it is related to the basic maintenance of your bicycle. Just like any other machine, it needs regular servicing but this person did not want to spend extra money when they needed new pedals.

8. The pool

Image Source: Reddit

If you don’t have a pool or you cannot afford to buy one, there’s still something you could do about it. These people are having some fun in the sun after they decided to use their pickup truck’s bed and create a pool out of it. You cannot swim in it but it still looks good.

9. The trunk

Image Source:

Being able to make the most of any situation is important because you might be forced to do that someday. In this case, someone had to cover their damaged trunk lid and they came up with a brilliant solution to that problem.

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10. The jeans

Image Source: Reddit

Most of us have experienced a faulty zipper and that can become a real problem when you are out in public. This person came up with a solution that is not exactly elegant but it sure does the trick. It could probably be done in a more discreet fashion, too.

11. The candle warmer

Image Source: Reddit

Sometimes, people learn a new life hack despite thinking that they know it all. This person experienced exactly that. As you can see, they used a candle warmer to warm up a meal and that is a nice solution, and a fast one, too.

12. The faucet

Image Source: Facebook

Not having a faucet at home can be a real burden. There are still places with individual taps and a faucet would greatly enhance such homes. They are expensive so you might think about a temporary solution such as the one you see here. It is not high-tech but it works.

13. The ice

Image Source: Reddit

Do you need extra ice? Well, here is one way to do it. We guess that you don’t necessarily need an ice machine to achieve that goal and this might not be the perfect solution but it does the trick.

14. The foundation

Image Source: Reddit

Now, this is the kind of thing we always love to see! The materials sometimes used for construction are unusual but they help builders be more accurate. Despite the fact that this does not appear to be a good idea, it helped the worker align the pole and to do a better job.

15. The SUV

Image Source: Twitter

Someone wanted an SUV but all they had was an old van. This is when the person decided to make something out of the vehicle and customized it. The end result might appear to be controversial but we really like it. The machine looks really good and we like it a lot.

16. The wing

Image Source: Reddit

This might seem like a wacky idea but it is actually enough for a temporary fix. People would be really freaked out to see their plane has tape on its wings but it is sometimes a needed temporary modification to the aircraft.

17. The clip

Image Source: Reddit

This is surely the most extraordinary tie clip we have ever seen. It is obvious that it has a second function that is quite unusual. As you can see, there is a thermometer built in its back and we wonder why did they do it in the first place.

18. The clock

Image Source: Reddit

The SUV you see here has been customized in a very unusual way. Someone decided to add a clock to the spare tire and it kind of worked! We guess it is an unusual sight but people would surely notice it.

Written by Sven Miller

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