26 Funny And Real Tweets About Telling You Are A Woman Without Telling So

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It appears that one person was able to create an extremely interesting thread on Twitter that received a lot of responses. Her challenge was to make other tell her they were female without using the exact word. Needless to say, people thought of different ways to respond and they are all worth seeing!

1. The first tweet

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Here is how the thread started. It seems that people appreciated this idea and realized that there were a lot of ways to say that using typical things and facts about being a woman.

2. The first tweet

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Now, this is one way to start the topic. The person who came up with the idea gave a personal example of how being a woman can be explained with a single sentence.

3. The streets

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Here is how one woman decided to share her idea of describing she was a woman. We guess this is true and we wish it wasn’t because a gentleman must always respect a woman.

4. The achievements 

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Here is yet another unfortunate fact that most women would confirm. It appears that women are often being treated like that, regardless of their intellect.

5. The funny tweet

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Now, this is one of the funniest replies to this thread. It seems that this woman has a point, and most likely the other family members would not cook.

6. The nurse

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We are not sure about this but we assume that in most families, the mother is pictured as the most qualified to take care of a sick family member.

7. The opinion 

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Unfortunately, women are often considered to be unable to discuss matters such as the ones this person suggested. This is not right, of course.

8. The protection 

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Here is something that most women probably do, or they choose an alternative way of protection. The part about marriage is obviously outrageous as well.

9. The question

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The question you see here was actually asked by this person’s mother. As funny as it is, we can all see that there is a lot of truth behind it.

10. The pepper spray

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There are more than a few ways for a woman to protect herself from unwanted attention or worse, and this person suggested one of the most common ones.

11. The difference 

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Well, there you have it – one of the best things about being a woman is knowing stuff like that. The small details matter and women are usually those who see most of them.

12. The care

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Here is another tweet suggesting that when the woman in the family needs to travel, the rest of the family members would lose the one person who takes care of them.

13. The tears

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The things women need to go through on a daily basis are sometimes tough enough to make them cry but they hold back tears not to look weak.

14. The cake 

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Image Source: Twitter

Well, this is one of the outrageous things that most women have probably experienced before, or something similar to it.

15. The behavior 

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This tweet sums up the kind of treatment many women have received before and we are certain none of them liked being treated like that.

16. The worth 

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We don’t like this at all we still need to admit that there are people who treat women like that. They are not to be treated like that but respected instead.

17. The weights 

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Here is yet another person who was underestimated for her abilities to lift weights. This is a common problem that many women would confirm.

18. The elevator 

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Well, not all women probably experience this but we guess that it happens quite often and the intimidating feeling is not a nice one.

19. The pay

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It seems that this is a trend that is declining but the process is much slower than we would like it to be. Still, women are paid less in many different industries.

20. The pilot 

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This woman is often underestimated when she shares details about her work without revealing she is not a stewardess but a pilot.

21. The chores

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We believe most women would recognize this tweet as their own reality and this is accepted as normal but it is not. We guess house chores should be equally divided.

22. The birthdays 

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Now, this is one of the most annoying things ever. Regardless if you are a man or a woman, having to remember all of this information is a burden.

23. The achievement 

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There is a lot of social and peer pressure when you are a woman the things people think you are supposed to achieve are often not the same as the ones you actually want.

24. The kids

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Talking about peer pressure, this is surely the one topic that gets exploited the most. Not all women want to have children and this is normal.

25. The period 

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Well, there are many ways in which someone can disrespect a woman, and this tweet reveals one of the most inappropriate ones possible.

26. The relationship

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Here is something that many men never realize but women actually use it because they have no other choice. Needless to say, having more respect for a straight answer would make the need for such an effort obsolete.

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