25 Tweets Revealing Real ‘How We Met’ Stories From Couples

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We know that every love story has a beginning and not all of them are comparable to the scenarios we are used to seeing in movies and reading about in novels. In the list below, 25 couples shared brief stories of how they met for the first time and these stories are unlikely, to say the least.

1. The funeral

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This might sound like an odd place to meet the love of your life but it clearly works for some people. They had a stroke of luck for sure and we are glad we saw this story.

2. The engagement

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Well, sometimes relationships do not work out as planned. In this case, one person found true love in the face of her ex’s brother. Love knows no limits, we guess.

3. The granny

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It appears that things that seem to be innocent at first can grow into something much bigger, just like in this story. These 55 years must have been full of love.

4. The meeting

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There are moments when we need to say that faith helped people get together and this is what happened here. Having in mind that there are no consequences, this story makes sense.

5. The balcony

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Now, this is one of the rare stories when two people met in a situation that resembles a modern fairytale. We wish we could see part of it!

6. The widow

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Here is yet another great story about how two people meet by chance and fall for each other.

7. The high school

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Now, this is one unlikely moment that we guess not many people could say they had a similar one. After all, no all high school girls marry their bus drivers.

8. The friend

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This short story reveals the kind of story that is worthy of a Hollywood movie and we absolutely love it! Thinking about this makes us chuckle.

9. The cousins 

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Things really happened differently back then and this tweet reveals one such story. Hesitating on such important matters is a no-no and one must act quickly.

10. The bar

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It seems that this is the craziest story so far but since the two people are still together, then it worked out for the better.

11. The specifics

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We already mentioned a story that would make a great movie but this one appears to be an even better choice.

12. The bus

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A woman is hard to win after you get mud on her but this person was too persistent for her to resist him! We would say that hard effort always pays off.

13. The friends

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Here is proof that people should choose wisely, even if this means swapping their partners and remaining friends. This would be hard nowadays.

14. The nurse

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There are many old-fashioned love stories that sound made-up but this real one seems like one out of a novel! This would also make one fine movie, we reckon.

15. The other funeral

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The fact that love can find its way even in the time of great grief is enough for us to believe in its power. We are sure that those who witnessed these people’s love would agree with that.

16. The seat

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Here is one rather unconventional story. Instead of standing up and giving his seat to the girl, this person refused to do it and the following feud was the start of their love story.

17. The picture

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Sometimes, people are almost certain that they do not date the person with who they would spend their whole lives. As you can see, a slight correction leads to many years of happiness.

18. The effort

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They say that if you want something, you need to go out there and get it. One person was able to win his future wife as early as the second grade which is awesome.

19. The sisters

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We have almost admired people who are together for the bigger parts of their lives. In this case, the rejection was the cause of more than 60 years of marriage.

20. The parents

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Trying to explain this story to someone would be impossible because it sounds unbelievable. We absolutely loved it and we had a good laugh, too.

21. The friends

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This is one incredible story of how four people came together and found each other. After some reorganization, it all fitted together perfectly.

22. The ad

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Well, there you have it – you never know what faith could bring along your way, regardless if you were looking for it or not.

23. The activity

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Here is a love story unlike any other we have heard about before. It is as romantic as such a story could get and we love it!

24. The father

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We think that people should always try their best to fulfill their initial plans, and this person’s grandma obviously took matters into her own hands.

25. The WWII letter

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This is a pure example for faith. If you believe in faith this is a perfect example. It perfectly proves that if two people are meant to be together they will.

Written by Sven Miller

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