18 Times Strange Things Happened, But Ended Up With A Good Story

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Accidents happen all the time and there is nothing we could do about it. Despite our best effort to take precautions and to try and prevent such moments, we cannot control everything and this is the reason for the images below to exist. There is no telling how often such situations happen on a daily basis but one thing is for sure – not all of them end up in a negative way.

1. The sink

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Here is what happens when you skip corners during construction. One family had constant troubles that kept bothering them. The outdoor sink was clogged most of the time and when they finally called a professional, it turned out that there was no sewer but a Home Depot bucket instead.

2. The Porsche

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It seems that it is true what they say – people who love their cars always turn around to look at them when they park somewhere and walk away. They do the same in the morning when they walk towards the car, too. In this case, one Porsche owner could hardly believe their eyes – someone stole their headlights.

3. The pod

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It appears that most people in the world have the same morning routine. They get up and their first job for the day is to prepare a cup of coffee. This does not go as planned all of the time. As you can see, someone forgot to remove the old pod and the results are visible.

4. The kitchen

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This is not a pretty sight but it used to be a nice outdoor kitchen. The kitchen belonged to one person’s parents who had the privilege of having their son over. He managed to destroy their kitchen completely by not separating a piece of wood that was not entirely extinguished.

5. The sink

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It seems that nobody should be in this position but some people cannot help but find themselves in it. The image you see here reveals something that many of us know how it feels. The item in the drain is one person’s toothbrush and the only solution would be to purchase a new one.

6. The home

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There is little we could say about this image. It looks like the place is a mess but there is an explanation why it looks like that. The person was sadly evicted despite the fact they were living there for 14 years. They missed one payment and that was enough.

7. The textbook

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Sometimes, a product is just too good compared to the initial expectations one might have and to the competition. It seems that this is not always a good thing and this person can confirm it. Their sticky note had a much stronger glue than it should have and tore apart their textbook.

8. The mud

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Extreme offroad competitions are dangerous in many ways and everyone involved in them is perfectly aware of that. It seems that this person found it hard to cover another stage and ended up in a pile of mud.

9. The boulder

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People are sometimes extremely lucky and they only realize that when something remarkable happens. In this case, one homeowner was lucky to escape a dark fate, as a massive boulder nearly destroyed their home.

10. The beads

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Image Source: Reddit

There are signs that clearly tell you to stop doing what you intended to do because you would simply not achieve that. This is what happened here – this person dropped a box full of beads and that meant their time for the DIY craft was over.

11. The note

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People sometimes say that there are no bad decisions but bad timing. We guess that this is not true and you actually need to make a decision for the better. This person made the right decision and a random note that came in his mail confirmed that.

12. The bed frame

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Jumping on your bed frame is never a good idea unless you are five years old. Someone tried to launch themselves from the bed and this was not a good idea. You can easily see the aftermath of that decision.

13. The ship

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When you think of sea freight, you might as well give it a thought about the extreme dangers related to this type of transport. As you can see, this huge cargo ship was exposed ti bad weather and his poorly secured load is at risk of falling.

14. The apprentice

Image Source: AcidCow

Here is what we call “tough luck”. This person was supposed to become a jewelry apprentice and they were preparing for it until they broke a finger. This prevented them from entering and it was only once a year.

15. The window

Image Source: Reddit

The lawnmowing business is tough and despite it is hard work it pays off. This person wanted to make some extra money before college but on their last day, they had the bad luck of this happening.

16. The cable

Image Source: Reddit

One cable guy was able to drill a big hole inside an expensive guitar while it was still in its case, tucked away in a closet behind the wall that had to be drilled.

17. The fan

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Ceiling fans are still commonly used accessories and there is no doubt that they are a matter of choice. In this case, someone’s fan actually caught fire and it was enough for the blades to melt. This is a weird thing to see.

18. The sun

Image Source: Reddit

Well, following the regulations is cool, but it is still April. I wonder how his hands will look like at the end of the summer. I am not too sure if he is going to be able to fix the difference.

Written by Sven Miller

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