26 Real And Relatable Parenting Tweets We Saw This Month

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Being a parent is tough because you need to have a certain combination of qualities if you want to dominate that field. Those who excel at parenting often have advice but it is enough to see what regular parents have to share to get a general idea.

1. The nickname

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Here is how a parent decided to let his kid continue with this nickname and we guess that is both funny and correct in terms of being a good father.

2. The reason

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This person realized that kids can cry for the most absurd reasons and his toddler proved that even a blanket fort can be such a reason. This is what parenting is like.

3. The sleep

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Parents are well aware of the fact that one of the hardest things to do when you have a kid is to put them to sleep. We guess that this dad was furious because he had already done that.

4. The test

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Here is how kids in school often behave and there is little that their parents or teachers could do. We guess that leaving a good review is also important but not in class, right?

5. The names

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Here is one honest parent that makes the same mistake many other parents probably do. There is nothing to be ashamed of, we guess, as this is normal, considering a mom’s busy day.

6. The toddler

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Toddlers always run away when they are asked what they put in their mouths and the reason is simple as possible – they are most often chewing on something not edible.

7. The list

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It seems that the holiday season is kind of a nightmare for parents because their kids have the craziest wish lists for gifts. This tweet will give you an idea of that.

8. The other list

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Talking about Christmas lists, here is yet another example of a list that is so long that the kid’s parents would probably go broke if they had to fulfill it all.

9. The followers

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It seems that the social media platforms we all use are kind of a burden because you don’t have the freedom to post something without your kids seeing it. This person has a strategy!

10. The optimistic kid

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Now, this is something that we all know that never works as planned. Keeping a bag of chips or a box of cookies means that the kid would eat them in one sitting.

11. The hobby

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This is one example that would probably be used as a reason to limit the time spent watching TV. Kids are sometimes sarcastic and their parents can prevent that by turning off the TV.

12. The Kinder egg

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Here is how one kid decided to defeat the system and he did it, too. The parents knew what strategy to use but the kid found a flaw that he used.

13. The childhood

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Someone probably told this woman that parenting would be a lot easier once the kid goes to school but she realized that this was just not so and that it even gets more expensive over time.

14. The son

test ad
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There is always something new to learn and this kid wanted to learn morse code but there was a problem. His motivation was probably not the best reason to do it.

15. The expression

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Well, we guess this mother had the best possible reaction to the way her son tried to use that expression. He got it wrong but his mom will surely help.

16. The toddler

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This is how great it can be to be a kid and this dad was jealous for a reason. He realized that this is the kind of freedom he wanted for himself and he could never do it now.

17. The animals

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Here is one way to stay motivated as a parent and to feel better about yourself, too. There is not much we could add here because the funny tweet says it all.

18. The self portrait

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There are a few things we could learn from kids but having high self-esteem is one of them/. As you can see, this mother was proud and inspired to see how her kid understands life.

19. The upset kid

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Kids are sometimes able to really step on your nerves but in some situations they are right. This person, for example, decided to share how her son gave her a taste of her own medicine.

20. The boy

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Here is how one kid decided to use a phrase that was not typical and his mother started having doubts about whether he was human or not at all, based on his behavior.

21. The toddler

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The concept of time is something that kids need to learn just as they learn everything else in their life, but this kid needs to understand that a week ago is not that long of a period.

22. The day care

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It seems that kids are sometimes able to come up with the wittiest things without even realizing it. This is what happened here and we love this answer.

23. The lemonade

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No, Gatorade is not made from gators but the whole conversation this mother had with her son is pure gold and we love kids’ logic.

24. The tree

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There are not many things that we can say here because the situation is obvious and you can make assumptions but we can only say how much we laughed after seeing it.

25. The daughters

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Here is one person who has the same problems as most dads and husbands have. He keeps finding hair ties and his girls keep losing them. It is a never-ending cycle, we guess, and this is life in its purest form.

26. The kid

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Well, this is a perfect example of a creative kid’s logic. Well, when I think about it, it does make sense.

Written by Sven Miller

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