27 Images Revealing The Unseen Side Of Different Things Cut In Half

Image Source: Reddit

We have always been curious about how certain things work or how they look on the inside. Fortunately for us, there are many photos uploaded on internet featuring different items, objects and even creatures that were cut in half in order for everyone to be able to see what is inside them. Most of them are very curious to see and the list below is full of nice examples!

1. This is the inside of an accordion

Image Source: Reddit

It looks really complicated on the inside and we had no idea how this would look like!

2. This is the mechanism of a grenade

Image Source: Reddit

This is one of the things we have always wondered about how they look from the inside.

3. This cactus is curious to see

Image Source: Reddit

It is actually different than any other plant we have seen before.

4. This mechanical calculator is amazing

Image Source: Reddit

It has the most complex mechanism we have seen and although it is not cut in half, it still shows how it works.

5. The Keg of Life

Image Source: Reddit

This vaccine container is something that we never thought we would see from the inside.

6. This Leica lens is a work of art

Image Source: Reddit

We knew these lenses were complex pieces of equipment but not that complex!

7. Here is a whole camera cut in length

Image Source: Imgur

No wonder these things cost a small fortune – they are extremely detailed mechanical wonders!

8. Here is an old Zippo lighter

Image Source: Reddit

When you look at a lighter this way, you realize how simple it actually is!

9. This is the structure of a power cable

Image Source: Reddit

This power cable looks equally simple and impressive on the inside!

10. This is a flower pot cut in half

Image Source: Reddit

Here is how the soil under every flower garden looks like! We knew that it would be something similar.

11. Now this is something curious to see

Image Source: Imgur

Someone actually cut a tank in half and turned it into an attraction! It took a lot work for this to be done!

12. Here is one curious item

Image Source: Reddit

This piece of the main span of the Golden Gate bridge gives an idea of the scale of the construction!

13. This is the structure of a porcupine

Image Source:

As cute as porcupines are, they look kind of creepy when you look at them this way!

14. This is the incredible structure of a wasp nest

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Image Source: Reddit

We have always admired the incredible patterns bees and wasps are able to create!

15. This is how complex a CT scanner is

Image Source: Reddit

Medical equipment is among the most complex engineering marvels you could see!

16. Here is the cross section of a tree fern

Image Source: Flickr

It looks absolutely stunning and the pattern it features looks like art!

17. This is mesmerizing to see

Image Source: Reddit

If you have ever wondered how a fireworks does its magic, now you know!

18. This rock was not cut by human hand

Image Source: Reddit

It looks perfectly cut in half but it happened naturally. It is located in New Zealand.

19. This is a poppy capsule

Image Source: Reddit

This is another proof that the things nature can create could hardly be replicated!

20. This is the shell skeleton of a tortoise

Image Source: Reddit

This is without a doubt one the most amazing skeleton structures of a living creature!

21. The ‘Mark Twain Tree’

Image Source: Reddit

The giant sequoia was cut down and the cross section shows how it developed over time.

22. This is the aftermath of a piece of space debree colliding with an spacecraft

Image Source: Reddit

You can see the damage done to the sparecraft and you can imagine the speed it took for this to happen!

23. Here is how complex a typewriter is

Image Source: Reddit

It takes a certain kind of genius in order for a person to be able to assemble such a machine!

24. The juices inside this tree look like something else

Image Source: Reddit

Someone was probably puzzled to see this tree after cutting it down.

25. We have never seen a pearl cut in half before

Image Source: Reddit

They are actually curious to see on the inside and we like how different their patterns are.

26. Those are the trunks of banana trees

Image Source: Reddit

They look like nothing we have ever seen before and we like how beautiful they are on the inside.

27. This is how rattle snakes make that distinctive sound

Image Source:

This is another example of the mysterious ways nature does its thing!

Written by Sven Miller

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