27-year-old Woman Left An Inspiring Message For the World Right Before She Passed Away Due To A Rare Cancer Type

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People often say that a big part of who you are is determined by what you leave behind for others. The legacy of every human speaks to the best of their personality, capabilities and spirit.

Imagine how tough and brave a person must be to accept the fact that death is near and to overcome that for a greater goal – to leave an inspirational message for everyone that would still be here after that person is gone. A young woman from Australia did exactly that before cancer took its toll.

Holly Butcher, 27, lived in New South Wales, and she decided that she had to leave a message. She was able to write it just before she passed away on Thursday after losing the battle with Ewing’s sarcoma, which is among the rarest bone cancer types.

Thanks to her family, we are able to receive the message. It covers a wide range of aspects and is pretty long. The idea is simple – Holly wanted to tell everyone to enjoy every second of their lives, instead of wasting time feeling miserable. She insists that everyone should focus on what’s really important.

It seems that her effort was a success and her words reached a lot of people, because it has been shared more than seven thousand times. This is a true gift for everyone.

Holly describes life as something precious and fragile, and she also shared that initially it was very painful for her to accept the fact that she was going to die young. That is the main reason she wanted to tell all the readers of her message to simply embrace life and live it to the fullest.

The woman pointed out how stupid it is to worry over the little, meaningless things that only cause stress. She reminds people that our fate is ultimately the same so there is no reason for worries, there is only time to enjoy being alive.

Holly used to be an active hockey and squash player and she had always been passionate about a healthy way of living – something she regretted not being able to continue striving for.

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She also wanted to encourage everyone to have the strength to overcome insignificant things and everyday inconveniences that occasionally occur, because when you look at the bigger picture, you realize that there is more to life than to just exist and accept things just the way they are – every person must be happy on a deeper, more spiritual and emotional level.

The young woman wrote how she constantly heard people’s complaints about how hard it is to work out and the difficulties they have on their jobs. She suggests that those people ought to be happy that they are physically capable of doing such things. Such everyday activities seem to be a chore, but you can only see that they are a gift when your body is in such a state that you simply cannot do them.

A part of Holly’s letter was about the materialism of modern society and the way social media reflects on people. She advises people to start spending on experiences rather than material things and to actually start appreciating the present moment instead of producing the perfect Instagram photo.

She writes that capturing a certain moment on camera is actually a waste, because you do not get to live the same moment again, and seeing it on the screen later is definitely not the same experience. According to her, life is meant for living, feeling and enjoying every day with an open heart, and seeing it through your phone’s display is not the real thing. The more people realize this, the more happy faces you would see around.

The strongest advice that Holly gave in her message was saved for last, and it came after the important advice to not skip telling the ones you love that you do appreciate them. The advice is simple. Do what you love the most in this world, and if you are not doing it already, start now, do not postpone. She states that if a certain thing makes you unhappy and you feel miserable, you can get rid of it or change it. It takes courage to change, but it is worth it in the end.

In conclusion, she reminded that none of us has a clue about how much time we have left, so it would be wise to spend it in a happy state of mind.

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