A Girl Was Punished For Shaving Her Head For Charity, and Her Mother is Rightfully Upset

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They say no good deed goes unpunished; considering what happened to Niamh Baldwin, that saying actually appears to be the case.

The 14-year-old girl from Penzance, Cornwall, which is located in England, is in trouble with her school because she showed up to school with hair that was a bit too short. She wasn’t trying to make a fashion statement or rebel, though.
Mounts Bay Academy punished young Niamh as a result of the teen shaving her head for charity. Niamh decided to donate her hair to a charity known as The Little Princess Trust, which dedicates itself to making proper wigs for children and young adults using genuine human hair. The wigs are given to little kids who have lost their hair as a result of cancer treatment or the other illnesses that might result in hair loss.

Obviously, Niamh’s doing what she did was a nice thing, but she still got in trouble, which is why her mother is incredibly upset. After returning to school after the Christmas break, Niamh was told by the school’s administration that she would need to wear a head scarf. She was told to wear it until her hair is back to an appropriate length.
Naimh’s mother, 32-year-old Anneka Baldwin, has stated that she is proud of her daughter for her courageous and generous action; she has also been openly critical of her teenaged daughter’s school.

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The mother pointed out that her daughter generally gets good feedback from her teachers and is really a model student; that they can’t overlook hair that is slightly shorter than it should be is, in her mind, discrimination, and she’s fuming as a result.

Sara Davey the principal of the academy, stated that the school’s policy on hair styles is very clear; that’s apparently why Niamh has to wear the head scarf until her hair grows back a bit. To Davey, the hairstyle Niamh is sporting as a result of her generosity is a little too extreme.

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Davey actually went so far as to say that, had Niamh told the school administration about her plan, the administration would have suggested a different fundraising idea; Davey was critical of Niamh’s family for not contacting the school before the hair donation occurred.

Davey claims she will contact Niamh’s mother to try talk to her—in the hopes that Niamh will return asap.

We generally don’t try to take sides here, and I suppose it could be argued that rules are rules. However, that said, when rules prevent a teenager from doing an extremely nice and selfless thing so that little kids with cancer can have a less miserable existence, we’re going to side with the teenager who broke the rules.

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In the school’s defense, however, The Little Princess Trust clearly states on their website that shaving one’s head in order to donate hair is in no way necessary, and it seems as if they actually prefer donations of ponytails. Niamh may not have been aware of that fact.

In fact, the English singer Jessie J was nice enough to donate hair to the organization in 2013, but the charity’s website mentions that she did have to shave her head in order to make the donation.

The Little Princess Trust provides wigs made from human hair to people as old as 24 free of charge via wig suppliers all over the United Kingdom and Ireland. There is a factory in China that makes the wigs, and the goal is to make the wig closely resemble the person’s usual hair. Most recipients have cancer, but wigs also go to people who have other conditions, such as alopecia.

In addition to accepting donations of hair, the Little Princess Trust—which is a registered charity—accepts donations of money. It was set up in the memory of a 5-year-old girl by her parents as well as her headmaster. The little girl died of cancer in 2005.

While it is a United Kingdom-based charity, it does accept hair from outside of the UK.

If you’re going to donate, do remember that they prefer pigtails; shaving your head is not necessary, and it may get you in trouble with your principal or your boss!

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Written by Kevin Barrett

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