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28 Early Internet Facts That People On Reddit Remembered And Shared

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Things change and when it comes to technology, the changes in that field are happening every day. There is no need to tell you that the fast pace of technology as we know it is the way we all move forward as a species. The Internet has changed as well and we can all enjoy the facts about its early days shared below.

1. The colors

Image Source: Reddit

There is a huge variety of websites – there are hundreds of millions of websites out there and no two are the same. Still, the trend in the early days of the Internet was all about crazy colors.

2. The email cost and the other things

Image Source: Reddit

Here is a person who clearly remembers a lot of the struggles of using the internet back in the day. The dial-up modems were the thing we disliked the most and we are glad these days are over.

3. The MP3 sites

Image Source: Reddit

Now, this is something we kind of miss despite the fact it was a painstaking process that often had zero results. Still, people had no other option to download MP3 files.

4. The waiting

Image Source: Reddit

There was nothing more annoying than having to wait for a webpage to load, and this included the email pages as well. It seems that many people struggled with that.

5. The AOL

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Here is something that those of us who are in their 30s or more should remember clearly. This long-forgotten practice of using keywords instead of URLs is a nice memory to have.

6. The IE7

Image Source: Reddit/ Flickr

This is something that we also miss despite the fact it was not something that made our lives easier. In fact, the only reason we miss it is that we used to work like that for years.

7. The picture

Image Source: Reddit

It seems that this is one of the things nobody would like to remember because it used to be a painstaking process. Downloading a simple image often took forever.

8. The LimeWire

Image Source: Reddit/ Wikimedia

Here is yet another memory that we will always cherish. It was kind of annoying at times but it was still fun to download things under completely different titles.

9. The free discs

Image Source: Reddit/

This person used the CDs as frisbees and he was not alone because they were literally everywhere. Everyone used to have a bunch of those.

10. The chat rooms

Image Source: Reddit

Well, this is an image that will surely remind you of the good old days when things were not that simple but they were fun, just like these chat rooms.

11. The search engine

Image Source: Reddit/ Pixabay

Here is how one person described the difference in generations in terms of how tech-savvy they are. It appears that those who are older have a different outlook on things and for a good reason.

12. The dancing baby

Image Source: Reddit

This is by far one of the best memories we have from the early days of the Internet. The dancing baby was creepy for a lot of people but we have always thought it was cute!

13. The dial-up sound

Image Source: Reddit/ pixy

Here is one of the things we never want to remember. The noise of those modems was the kind of thing that irritated us every time we heard it.

14. The deep web

Image Source: Reddit/ Pixabay

Here is yet another memory most of us surely have. The reason why people remember this and feel nostalgic about it is stated in the post you see – there were no rules.

15. The hamster dance

Image Source: YouTube/ Reddit

You cannot imagine just how much we laughed when we remembered this funny part of the early days of the Internet. The dance was incredibly fun to see and we loved it.

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16. The Amazon business model

Image Source: Reddit/ Wikimedia

It seems that it was a hundred years ago but it was much sooner, actually – Amazon was nothing but a bookstore chain before it turned into the biggest thing on the Internet.

17. The YouTube platform

Image Source: Reddit/ Wikimedia

Well, this is kind of awkward to remember. It feels like we have always had YouTube but those who are born in the 80s surely remember the days it did not exist.

18. The charge

Image Source: Reddit/ Pixabay

There are more than a few things we disliked about dial-up internet and the most annoying of them was a simple fact – it charged you by the minute. That never felt good.

19. The sign

Image Source: YouTube/ Reddit

This was one of the trends we liked. When a website was not ready to be uploaded online but the domain name was active, they used to put these signs, as if it was a real construction.

20. The flaming font

Image Source: YouTube/ Reddit

Believe it or not, this was one of the coolest things for us when we first saw it. The flaming text looked like it was groundbreaking technology but it was not, of course.

21. The CSS and HTML early days

Image Source: Reddit/ Flickr

The things described in this post are exactly as we remember them. All those features and small things that were part of coding were distractive but they really were glorious.

22. The cursors

Image Source: Reddit

We wonder why we don’t have these around anymore. There really were websites that only had a single purpose – they offered the chance for a user to customize their cursor icon.

23. The badgers

Image Source: YouTube

We are convinced that there is no person on this planet who used a computer back in the day and never saw the badger video. This is the kind of song that you never forget.

24. The Netscape browser

Image Source: Reddit/ Flickr

It appears that those who were keen on using the Internet in its early days would remember if they used the Netscape Navigator browser. Boy, have times changed since then!

25. The early web

Image Source: Reddit/ theoldnet

Here is yet another thing that we miss about the early web. There were many independent and creative people whose work was all we had to see and we loved that.

26. The download

Image Source: Reddit/ Flickr

Here is something we never want to experience again – downloading a file a whole night!

27. The dial-up connection

Image Source: Reddit/ Flickr

Not being able to use the phone so it would not interrupt the Internet connection was a real burden.

28. The recipes

Image Source: Reddit
Image Source: relativelycurious

Here is something we want to have back! This was the proper way to list a recipe – no additional info or unnecessary pages of mindless text – just the recipe.

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