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15 Amazing Tattoos Whose Meaning Really Stand Out From The Rest

Image Source: Reddit

The wonderful world of tattoos always has something to inspire you or to surprise you with! The things you can see are sometimes unbelievably good, and it appears that tattoo artists seem to get better and more creative over time! Of course, it is the combination of a great idea and an immaculate execution that fascinates everyone, and the list below is all about that! In fact, the random collection of tats gathered below shows just how witty and clever some tattoos can be. The people who decided to have these made probably enjoy all the attention they get. They have every right to!

1. The glow-in-the-dark tattoo

Image Source: Imgur

Now this is one super curious piece of art! It looks like the person who wanted this was after an effect that nobody else had, and we can confirm that this is the first time we see such an intriguing tattoo! The illusion is obvious, and it could only be seen under a neon light! Maybe people attending night clubs regularly have seen such tattoos before, and we think that this technique has a lot of potential!

2. The bald tattoo

Image Source: Imgur

There is pun related to this tattoo! It is a bold move made by a bald person, and this is the kind of attitude we love seeing more and more of! Many people feel bad about losing hair, and they feel more or less ashamed of that situation. This person, however, felt different about his hair situation and decided to clearly show it by getting a tattoo done! The idea about a character mowing his hair just like a lawn was definitely the best possible idea.

3. The wholesome tattoo

Image Source: Reddit

What a wonderful way to cherish the memory of someone you loved all your life! When the people we love are no longer with us, there is still way for you to make their presence noticed by other, too! This person found the best way to do that. After her dad passed away, she decided that she had to do something special to honor him and possibly carry his spirit. This subtle tattoo was definitely the best possible choice! We love this incredible idea and we support such expressions of love!

4. The Little Prince tattoos

Image Source: Instagram

It seems that sometimes people come up with extraordinary things that nobody else had seen before. This, of course, makes them unique, and we really love seeing such things. When it comes to tattoos, this is really important if you want to stand out from the crowd! In this case, one couple decided to get matching tattoos inspired by The Little Prince, and they really outdid themselves! The tattoo artist who did these is worth praising, because they look amazing!

5. The person with dark sense of humor

Image Source: Imgur

One of the best things about people is the fact they have different sense of humor, and those who are willing to laugh in the face of tragedy are the best kind! As you can see, this person lost one of his legs in an accident, and this is something that would have a devastating effect on most individuals. However, this person took it rather well, if we might say so! As you can see, the choice of tattoo clearly indicates that everything is fine and the person accepted their fate and laughed about it, too!

6. The message

Image Source: Tumblr

The good thing about tattoos is that they often send a message to all those who see them. Of course, not all tattoos have a message embedded in them, but the ones that do always make you think about them and make you emotional. This person decided to choose a specific design incorporating a simple message! Standing tall is a must during hard times, and people often forget that simple lesson. The tattooed giraffe is here to remind everyone of how important that is, and we really like the idea behind it!

7. The Harry Potter-inspired tattoo

Image Source: Instagram

Here is something truly special for you to see! All Harry Potter fans would be delighted to see it, but the reason behind its existence is even more important than the excitement of its relation to everyone’s favorite character. The person who had this tat made suffered from panic disorders and decided to have something done to cope them with these moments. The spell used for making this tattoo was used in the Harry Potter books and it transformed scary things to ridiculous ones. What a great way to show you are not afraid of your own problems!

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8. The office chair

Image Source: Reddit

Now this is one piece that we absolutely love! It is something that most people would find to be ordinary, but it is not! There is a reason for that office chair to be tattooed exactly in that area, and you can clearly see it! This tat is a perfect example that clever thinking could turn even the ordinary objects into something extraordinary! The talent of the artist who pulled this off is worth mentioning, too!

9. The multiple locations

Image Source: Reddit

This looks like an abstract version of a landscape, and it is something similar, actually! In fact, the tattoo is a stylish representation of the places this person has lived! The multiple skylines are embedded in a curious way and the end result is definitely something beautiful! We believe that tattoos that are of great significance to their owners are the ones that hold the most value! After all, having such a reminder of the good times in your life is something precious!

10. The couple tattoo

Image Source: Instagram

Well, couple tattoos could probably not get any better than this one! Seeing the funny and clever piece is an inspiration for all the couple who are thinking of getting matching tattoos. It is a sweet way for a couple to demonstrate their love and affection! However, this particular tattoo shows not only these two people’s love for each other, but also their sense of humor! It is obvious that it was meant to show their personalities as well!

11. The powerful tattoo

Image Source: Facebook

This just might be the most powerful tattoo on the list! It is also a proof of just how clever a tattoo can possibly be! The piece has it all: a great idea, a powerful message and amazing details! It was meant to show that many people carry a heavy emotional load inside them, although they seem to be perfectly fine! This is why it is important for people to make sure they never judge others, as they might be going through a lot more than they show! Be gentle, always!

12. The glowing tattoo

Image Source: Instagram

This tattoo glows like nothing we have seen before! It looks like a normal piece until a neon light is flashed above it, and then the beauty of the tattoo can be seen in all its glory! This is one of the most unusual couple tattoos we have ever seen and it is probably what makes it interesting! It definitely stands out from the rest and the people who came up with the idea about it should be proud of themselves, as they achieved an amazing result! We would gladly have a similar thing made, and the possible combinations and designs are endless!

13. The birth mark

Image Source: Imgur

Here is one super cool way to treat an imperfection. Many people try to hide all kinds of physical imperfections they have, and we think that such behavior is not the way to go! Nobody is perfect, and we guess that things like this birthmark make people unique! This is probably what this person thought, and they decided to add a little twist to their birthmark! After realizing the birthmark had a specific shape, the person added a tattoo over it, creating a funny scene! We love it!

14. The nose

Image Source: Reddit

Pets are part of many people’s lives, and even after they are no longer with us, the memory of their company remains! A pet can bring tons of love and joy in a family’s life, which is the reason for this person’s tattoo! It seems that Loki the cat had a great influence over this family and particularly on of the family members. They found a great way to honor the feline and the little tattoo of its nose is the most adorable thing ever!

15. The amazing couple tattoo

Image Source: Instagram

It seems that couple tattoos are among the most popular ideas that tattoo artists come up with lately. We genuinely believe that a person would be proud to have a tattoo which connects them with their partner in way like the one seen here! It is not just a tattoo, but a really special way to show the world that you and your partner complete each other, and that is nothing but beautiful! The gentle lines of this tattoo are a real treat to see!

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