4 Heartwarming Photos Of Dogs You Need Right Now

Image Source: Reddit

Probably you are also sharing the experience that I face everyday, wake up, prepare a coffee and open the news to see what’s going on around the world. Every day is the same, I wake up with a smile, new day, new hope…but same shocking and stressing news. The world media is flooding us with negativity, hate and bad news on a daily basis. I think that all we need in a Monday is a spark of joy, love and happiness to warm our hearts and charge us positively for the rest of the week. So here you go, your overwhelming portion of bursting love and happiness to save your day!

1. Pure Happiness

Image Source: Reddit

This is Jackie’s first walk with her human after being adopted. Look at this melted full of bliss face! They are truly getting along well!

2. Real Love

Image Source: IMUGR

What about this woman from California, who was evacuated due to the fires for several weeks. This is the first time she meets with her puppies after such a long time being apart.

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3. Jasmine 

Image Source

Jasmine is a shelter dog, helping rescued animals recover and regain their trust in love and goodness. She helped more than 50 animals and every time I see her photo my heart fills with love and positive emotions take me over.

4. The local dog shelter

Image Source: Reddit

My last pick is a picture of a little girl, volunteering in a local dog shelter. Her duties are to feed the puppies and make sure they are socialized and ready to give their love to their new owners. I think she is doing a great job!

I hope that after seeing all these pics you will feel much better just like I did.

Bonus fact: Looking At Cute Animal Pictures At Work Can Make You More Productive

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