5 Shocking Fast Food Facts


 1. 90% of American children eat in McDonald’s on a regular basis each month.

Responsible parents should try to prepare more homemade meals and avoid taking their children for a quick ‘Happy meal’.

2. The most wide known type of fast food in America are the French fries

The tasty French fries are not only the most favorite fast food but the most unhealthy one, too.
If you’re trying to loose some weight and want to maintain a healthy diet, try to keep away from these delicious and extremely high calorie snack.

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3. The salad served in Taco Bell contains over 52 gr. of fat in it

Don’t get this wrong, but ordering a salad in a fast food joint is nowhere near the same as making it yourself using hand picked vegetables. It has been calculated that the amount of fat contained in a Taco Bell salad equals the total amount of 5 normal-sized Tacos!

4. Soda dispensers are contaminated with fecal bacteria 

Unfortunately, as ghastly as this may sound it’s also quite true. Studies have proven that around 48% of all fountain soda dispensers have traces of feces on them. Perhaps opting for bottled drinks may seem as a better choice after reading this.

5. The nation that visits fast food joints the most is not Americans

A study among different nations has shown that actually Hong Kong ranks number one in terms of visitors at fast food joints per week. They came in first due to the astonishing 61% of respondents admitting they visit a fast food restaurant at least once per week. Americans came in 8th with 38% of people advising they eat fast food at least once per week or more.

Written by Sylvia

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