Top 3 Most Risky Magic Tricks

 1. Catching a bullet

One of the world’s most famous and dangerous magic tricks is considered to be the infamous bullet catch. This maneuver is all about accuracy, concentration and a little bit of illusion as well. The magic stunt usually works when a marked bullet is loaded into a gun and then shot at the magician in front of the dazzled audience. He then catches the super high-velocity flying bullet either with his teeth or hand. Unfortunately this particular illusion has claimed the lives of hundreds of magicians that tried it throughout the years. Therefore is considered to berry a death curse and hasn’t been attempted for quite some time.


 2. Buried alive inside a coffin

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Have you ever felt so claustrophobic you just want to scream and attempt to escape?
Being buried alive is considered one of the worst punishments which exists on earth. It also presents a perfect occasion for the magic gurus to astonish the crowd with their ability to escape from such a “muddy” situation.
This terrifying feat was attempted by numerous of illusionists which were shackled, put inside a coffin and then buried alive beneath a thick layer of dirt. In a short while they knocked the socks off the crowd by appearing alive and totally unharmed. As amazing as this may seem this magic trick has a considerably huge amount of risk involved in it which is the reason it gets the number two spot.


3. Chinese water torture cell

If you have watched the movie “The Prestige” you’d probably seen another insane performance originally invented by Houdini. It’s called the Chinese Water Torture Cell.
The stunt is performed by a magician who is handcuffed and thoroughly shackled with restrictive chains . After that he is submerged upside down inside a glass tank filled with icy water. This trick has also claimed numerous lives and is considered one of the world’s most dangerous illusions which only the best and bravest of magicians are capable of performing.


Written by Sylvia

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