In 1978 Fredrick Valentich and his plane disappeared during a UFO encounter and his last communication was SCARY

Frederich Valentich was a young Australian pilot whose unexplained disappearance in the 1970s is considered to be connected to UFO.


On 21st of October 1978 Valentich was piloting a Cessna 182 aircraft. He had to land at King Island, but he never got the chance to do so. The 20 year old pilot noticed another aircraft early that evening and radioed the flight tower of Melbourne with messages. The dispatcher told him there were no known aircrafts in the vicinity of Valentich’s site.
However, the pilot continued the correspondence giving details of the supposed aircraft. He explained he saw four bright landing lights, a large body, a long shape, and a shiny and metallic surface.

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Right before the connection between Valentich and the dispatcher broke for good, the pilot reported the aircraft was circling above him and that he could hear the loud idling of the engine. His final words were that the aircraft was still hovering over him. And that it wasn’t an aircraft.
Valentich’s plane was never found, nor was he. Right after his disappearance people reported multiple cases of UFO encounters.

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