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Top 3 Scandalous Facts About Historical Figures

1. Adolf Hitler was a tax evader


Among other things that doesn’t make Hitler the most prominent figure in history, it has been recently discovered that he evaded millions of taxes. Before he became chancellor of Germany in 1934 Hitler already owed more than $6 million worth of tax debt which he was forgiven upon election.

2. Albert Einstein was a philanderer


Probably there isn’t a person on the planet, unfamiliar with Einstein’s name or his formula. However, it’s a little known fact that Einstein split up with his first wife because she discovered he was unfaithful to her. Later Einstein remarried but his habits didn’t change and he began an affair with his assistant. In his letter correspondence with a friend Einstein also shared he had relationships with more than six different women while still married.

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3. Vice-President Andrew Johnson took his presidential oath while under the influence


Johnson was first Vice-President during Lincoln’s presidency and later became President when Lincoln passed away. He came from a labor family himself and didn’t think highly of the aristocracy. Obviously under alcohol influence, when taking his presidential oath Johnson reminded the members of the Supreme Court, the Cabinet and the Congress that they owed their places to the plebs which Johnson himself was a part of.

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