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Top 3 Terrible Events Behind Favorite Movies

1. Christian Bale almost killed himself for ‘The Machinist’

The actor had to lose the incredible 65 lbs. for the role of Trevor in the movie which is the most weight loss in cinema history. Bale was willing to lose more weight but doctors told him there was huge risk for his life. He barely weighed 110 lbs. when filming started and survived on a can of tuna and an apple per day. Bale even started smoking in order to reduce his appetite and calm himself down. The actor was incapable of running for longer than 2 minutes only because his muscles were unable to take the effort.

What is more, Bale gained all his weight back along with some extra for the shooting of ‘Batman Begins’ in just a few months.

2. One scene took a whole year in ‘The Shining’

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Late movie director Stanley Kubrick was famous for his meticulousness and attention to detail. He had the habit of re-shooting the same scene over and over again. One of the scenes in ‘The Shining’ actually took a world record of more than 140 takes until it was shot to Kubrick’s standards. The blood elevator scene was less than 30 seconds long but setting the elevator alone took 9 days and the editing took a whole year.

3. Several people almost lost their lives during shooting of ‘Lord Of The Rings’

There were several people from the crew to experience serious accidents during shooting but actor Viggo Mortensen, who plays Aragorn in the epic trilogy, had it worst. He nearly escaped severe injury two times. While floating down the river in one of the scenes Mortensen was dragged into a rapids and hit his head on a stone. He stayed under water for several seconds until safety technicians managed to pull him out. The second time Mortensen was shooting a battle scene and a misdirected orc’s blade flew straight to his face. Luckily, the actor managed to deflect it with his sword thus escaping fatal injury.



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