8 Incredible Titanic Passenger Stories That Deserve Attention

The RMS Titanic was the largest, most luxurious cruise ship of its time. It set sail for the first time on April 10, 1912 from Southampton. Unfortunately it was also the last time the ship would leave shore.

The Titanic never reached its destination, New York, as it collided with an iceberg on April 14 just before midnight. It took hours for the ship to sink into the North Atlantic, until on April 15, around 2:20 AM, the Titanic finally disappeared into the ocean, taking with it the lives of over 1,500 passengers and crew members. The survivors were just over 700.

1. The kidnapped brothers

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Major part of Titanic’s passengers were people who boarded the ship hoping to start a new life in the United States. One of them was Michel Navratil, who travelled under the name of Mr. Hoffman, along with his two sons. The reason for using a pseudonym turned out to be that he literally kidnapped the children, left his wife in France and headed to the US. Unfortunately, fate did not allow him to fulfill his plan.

Due to the injunction that children and women were first to be rescued on lifeboats, “Mr. Hoffman” remained aboard on Titanic while his children were taken on lifeboat. With no personal belongings and speaking only French, it was not clear for the rescuers who the two children were, and when they reached France, the two brothers were handed over to the social services. Several newspapers, however, published a picture remaining in history named “The Two Waifs of the Sea”, which reached their mother in Nice, France. The story ended happily for the four-year-old Michelle and the two-year-old Edmond, but not for their father.

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2. The honeymooners

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Edward and Ethel Bain stepped aboard the Titanic to celebrate their recent wedding with an amazing journey. They were among the believers that this ship was unsinkable. So, both did not pay much attention when other second-class passengers warned them about the disaster. Finally on the second call, they realized the danger was real and run out to be saved. Ethel was placed into a lifeboat, and Edward jumped into the water and swam to her. The young family was saved.

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3. A one penny story

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This is the story of a father whose wife died three months before he stepped onboard the liner. After he lost his wife, Thomas Miller decided to board the ship as an assistant engineer, hoping that this trip will help him earn enough money to raise his two sons. The children were left with their aunt in Belfast. Prior to the voyage Thomas gave them a penny each with the vow not to spend it until his return. His son Thomas Junior did not respect his father’s will and spent his penny while the other son – Ruddick – kept his penny forever. It remained in history as a symbol of the fatherly love of Thomas Miller, who lost his life in the collision with the iceberg.

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4. The priest who loved to take pictures

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Many of the historical photographs taken on the legendary ship were made by the Jesuit priest Francis Brown. The priest received a first-class Titanic ticket as a gift from his uncle. Father Brown was an enthusiastic photographer and decided to commemorate the first (and last) journey of the liner with numerous of pictures. He was ordered to end his trip on the Queenstown port in Ireland. Although wealthy travelers offered the Father to pay for extending his trip to the United States, but he obeyed the order of his superiors which saved his life.

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