8 Incredible Titanic Passenger Stories That Deserve Attention

5. The cousins who did not know each other

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Arthur Ryerson was a wealthy New Yorker who traveled with his family back to New York for the funeral of his son. Accidentally or not, his third cousin William Edwy Ryerson was also aboard the Titanic, serving as a steward in the luxury dining room. Both did not suspect that they had a relative on board who shared the same great-great-grandfather. Arthur managed to bring his wife Emily and their three children to the lifeboats, but failed to succeed saving himself. William took care of the lifeboats and managed to escape the sinking ship, making it to boat number 9.

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6. The royalty

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It is a well-known fact that some of the richest people of that time traveled aboard the Titanic. Among them was Lucy Noel Martha, the countess of Rothes, accompanied by her cousin and a maid. The purpose of her trip was to visit her husband and two children in the United States.

At the time of the collision with the iceberg, the Countess was in her first-class cabin. Her position as a woman and a royal person gave her the privilege to be placed into the first lifeboat, dropped in water – boat number 8. The Countess managed to impress the others in the boat with her strong spirit, and very soon Tom Jones – a sailor, who ruled the boat allowed her to take command. The Countess appeared to be a very compassionate woman, who gave courage to the survivors aboard the British liner Carpathia, who lost their loved ones on the Titanic. The Countess and Tom Jones kept in contact over the years by exchanging letters and gifts till her death in 1956. The Countess of Rothes sent the sailor a precious silver watch, thus expressing her gratitude for his courage, he replied to this gesture sending her a brass plate from the lifeboat.

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7. The real hero

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We all know the infamous phrase “Iceberg! Right Ahead!”, pronounced by Frederick Fleet as a warning to the sixth officer James Paul Moody. The 24-years old officer Moody helped thereafter to load the lifeboats numbered 12,14 and 16. Although his colleagues repeatedly asked him to enter a boat, he refused and died on the sinking ship. He will be remembered for his sacrifice helping people till the very end, saving as many lives as he could. Six crew men and their families were particularly grateful to Moody as he did not let them board the Titanic because they were late. An interesting, rather not so important fact is that Moody’s service as sixth officer earned him only about $37 a month. He died as a real hero remaining on the sinking ship, despite his low rank and opportunity to save his life.

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8.The last to leave the scene

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Jack Phillips was the telegrapher whose behavior is still subject of controversy. He was undoubtedly one of the heroes, who has done his best to save 705 lives. Phillips was overwhelmed by the passengers’ personal messages over the telegraph and ignored one of the most important warnings coming from SS Californian about an approaching iceberg. Phillips missed this message and it did not reach the Captain. The 25-year-old senior wireless operator failed to prevent the collision, but managed to send warning signals to other ships, to establish and maintain communication with the Carpathia liner. Despite being relieved by the Captain, he remained in his post and continued to send Morse code messages three minutes before Titanic sank. Phillips made it to a lifeboat which was lost and found his death in the icy waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

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