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8 Pictures That Will Definitely Make You A Bit Sweaty

Image Source: Reddit

There are people out there who really seem to enjoy being sort of nervous. They like the rush that comes along with taking risks.

Those kind of people baffle many of us.

For example, I am baffled by people who ski and snowboard. When I was a kid, I knew a girl who lost a brother due to a skiing accident; as a result, I refused to even attempt skiing. Also, I hate the cold.

I did go snowboarding once. I almost fell off the side of a mountain. It was at that point I decided to just sit around the lodge—it was warm and there was little chance I would die.

Anyway, if you are the sort of person who enjoys being a little nervous, here are nine examples of pictures you might like.

1. The View From Up There

Image Source: Reddit

If you are like many people, you are probably afraid of heights. If you are extremely afraid of them, you might end up having a panic attack just looking at this image.

Then again, while people can get a bit neurotic about it, being afraid of heights makes a lot of sense. You don’t have to fall very far to die instantly. Furthermore, even if you survive a fall, you might end up in the hospital for a very long time. The damage done to your body may be permanent. There is a good chance your life will never be what it once was.

My grandfather, from what I was understand, was extremely afraid of heights. As I get older, I grow more afraid of heights. That’s a depressing thought. I liked him just fine, but no guy really wants to become their grandfather. That just means you are old and close to death.

2. The Underwater Scene

Image Source: Reddit

That is apparently a giant snake that lives underwater, which gives me yet another reason to avoid ever going near the ocean again. I certainly wouldn’t go scuba diving.

When I was younger, I was a lot more bold and adventurous. I probably would have gone scuba diving ten years ago. I always thought the idea of Atlantis was cool. An island that sank would be fun to explore.

I can’t even imagine what is at the bottom of the ocean. You just know there are creatures down there that haven’t been discovered. What a strange existence that must be for them. I literally can’t imagine.

That snake is horrifying, though, and I worry for that diver’s safety. It isn’t wise to be too afraid of snakes, but there is nothing wrong with being a bit wary of them. The good news is that most snakes aren’t poisonous to human beings. Still, dogs aren’t poisonous, and you don’t want to be bitten by them. I am actually more afraid of most dogs than I am snakes, but that’s a different topic for a different article.

If you ever are bitten by a venomous snake, you shouldn’t have anyone try to suck the venom out. Apparently that can just make things worse. Furthermore, it should be noted that most snakes just want to be left alone. If you don’t threaten it, the snake will leave you alone.

Getting a bite from a poisonous snake does sound awful, though. You could end up dying within a half hour of the bite. You could have trouble breathing. You could also end up puking a lot. Your organs could just shut down.

It doesn’t sound like a fun way to go. It would be worse if you were underwater when it happened.

3. The Wedding Ceremony

Image Source: Reddit

I can’t imagine what the guests in this case were thinking. Why would you show up to that? I really can’t understand what the wedding party was thinking. Isn’t a marriage supposed to be the beginning of a new life? This situation looks like it might be the end of several old ones.

I hope everyone had their affairs in order before the ceremony. That could have gotten really ugly really quickly.

I have gone to precisely two weddings in the past two years. I very much wanted to attend one of them, because the bride is a dear friend and it was in a park I had never visited. I didn’t even have to wear a tie. I knew it would be a very low-key affair, and it was.

I didn’t want to go to the other one, but I felt like I had to go. It was at a fancy country club, and everyone involved acted super pretentious. The bride’s dad, who I did not know, apparently had a lot of money. I don’t even know why I was invited, honestly. It wasn’t like I was all that close to either the bride or the groom. They weren’t relatives.

If you are going to throw a wedding reception for yourself—or have your parents pay for one—you should probably consider your guests’ wants and desires; there is a good chance they didn’t want to attend, after all. My cousins, with whom I am in no way close, would send me invitations to their weddings for a while—until they realized I had no interest in attending. Honestly, I felt like they were hitting me up for gifts and money, and I have better ways to spend my money than on gifts for people who probably have more money than I do.

If I were to ever get married, I would want to keep the reception extremely casual. There are a number of perfectly fine restaurants and bars within walking distance of my home. I’d just have the reception at one of them. Ties would not be permitted. I would probably serve hot wings and those tiny little hot dogs. You would think I’d need a vegetarian option, but the simple fact of the matter is that I don’t know any vegetarians. I don’t actually know that many people, which is why the reception would be a sort of dull affair.

Somehow I don’t think the hypothetical bride would be so cool with my ideas, but I just can’t justify spending a small fortune on a party. I would prefer to spend more on the ceremony, as that is the part that is actually important.

I wonder how much the ceremony in this picture cost. That couldn’t have been cheap to arrange. Frankly, I’m surprised there are as many guests as there are. If someone told me I had go up on a cliff to watch them get married—even if that person was my best friend in the whole world—I would decline the invitation. Afterwards, I would cancel the friendship.

4. The Risky Selfie

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Image Source: Reddit

What was this guy thinking? He could have fallen!

This is why selfies drive me nuts. It is bad enough that people feel the need to document every moment of their lives and expect me to care. Now people are risking their lives for the things? Admittedly, this is one of the few cool selfies I have ever seen, but this is still insanity.

There is almost no way he could survive a fall from that height unless he is literally a superhero. I suppose there is a small chance, though; in 1972, a flight attendant fell over 30,000 feet and somehow managed to live. You have probably heard of her. She ended up in a coma, of course, and was in the hospital for quite a while; however, she managed to recover well enough to marry and live until she was 66 years old. Sadly, based on the few interviews she gave, it wasn’t a terribly happy life.

5. The Guy That Leans

Image Source: Reddit

Why would you do this? This is another example of a person doing something ridiculously dangerous for their fifteen minutes of fame. You can’t really enjoy fame if you’re dead, though—as far as I know, anyway.

To a small extent, I understand. I would love to write a really popular book—one that will be read long after I am gone. However, I would like to do so long before I die—so that I can enjoy the money. To be honest, I don’t really care if anyone reads my stuff after I am dead. It might be a comforting thought on my death bed, I suppose, but I’ll probably just be thinking about how I’ll miss the next season of whatever television show I am obsessed with at the time.

For example, I am currently obsessed with “Better Call Saul”. A big part of the reason I want to live for another year or two is that I want to see the next season of the show. I also want to see the next season of “Veronica Mars”, which was a fantastic show. The new season is coming out next year, so I think I will make it.

I really want to know when they are going to make another season of “Cheers”. Aren’t all of the actors alive? What’s stopping them? They’re making new seasons or sequels to pretty much every show I watched as a kid, so why not “Cheers”? It isn’t like Norm would suddenly stop drinking beer and hanging out on the barstool all day.

I’d like to see new seasons of a lot of shows, but “Friends” isn’t one of them. I have nothing against “Friends”. I actually found parts of it pretty funny. Still, I don’t want to see an old Chandler, now in his late 40’s, raising the twins he adopted with Monica. Could that be any more depressing?

6. The Kid and the Chairlift

Image Source: Reddit

I understand this photo was taken over 50 years ago. It is funny how little people cared about safety back in the day. Nobody made you wear seatbelts, for example. Nowadays, police officers will slap you with fines of well over $100 if you are caught not wearing one.

Still, it is disturbing. That child does not look properly secured. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear she tumbled to her death immediately after this photo was taken.

It appears as if this photo was taking in Jackson, Wyoming; I am unfamiliar with the town, as I have yet to come up with a reason to visit Wyoming. I am not really looking for one either, but I hear it is a nice enough state. Apparently it is pretty close to Yellowstone, which might be a reason to visit. There are also ski resorts. I don’t ski myself, as I mentioned, but I don’t mind hanging out in a lodge.

There is also an elk refuge. That could be fun, I guess, if you are a big fan of elk. I can’t say that I am, but a lot of people obsess over weird stuff, and I certainly have nothing against elk.

7. The AirPods and the Garbage Disposal

Image Source: Reddit

I have always been afraid of garbage disposals—or food waste disposers. Call them what you will, but they’re pretty scary. I was told a story as a young child about people who would lose fingers due to the things, and decades later I am still wary.

Would I try to pluck these AirPods out of the garbage disposal? I can’t say for sure. On the one hand, I am neurotic; on the other hand, I am extremely cheap. Apple isn’t exactly known for making inexpensive products. I don’t understand why I have to pay over $150 for those things.

I also don’t understand why there are iPhones that cost over $1,300. I can’t imagine carrying around a phone that costs so much. I couldn’t enjoy myself when I was out and about. I would spend all of my time just worrying about my phone.

Speaking of Apple, I sort of want one of those new Apple watches that basically tell you if you’re having a heart attack. They cost a fortune, though, and I’d be afraid of losing it. I’d probably have a heart attack because I was stressed out because I spent all of my time worrying about my watch.

8. The Bridge

Image Source: Reddit

This really is a bridge going to what appears to be nowhere. Who would set foot on this thing? You would pretty much have to be one of those people with a serious death wish.
Who built this thing? At the end of the job, did the bridge builder look at it and think it looked fine and that no one should be concerned? I wouldn’t even go near that bridge.

Written by Kevin Barrett

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