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15 Of The Weirdest Things You Will See Today

Image Source: Reddit

Strange photos are always out there, just waiting to be found and to amuse us! The vast internet space is full of such images, and this is good news! There is no better way to spend a ten-minute break than scroll through a list compiled of weird photos. We made it easy for you by posting the list you are about to see. The random weirdness all around us is worth sharing!

1. Here is one mysterious object to kick off the list with

Image Source: Reddit

We know what you are thinking. This is one is too easy, right? Well, think again. The obvious answer to the question ‘what is this thing’ would be a chicken drumstick that someone dropped on the ground. As you probably guessed, it is not. It is merely a rock, and it is one of the weirdest ones we have ever seen, too! It looks exactly like a chicken drumstick and it even has the same color and texture.

2. Handwriting has some rules

Image Source: Reddit

This picture got us thinking about the last time we actually wrote something by hand. It is actually weird that we haven’t done in months! Wow, life really changed, didn’t it? We guess that everyone should find a reason to practice their handwriting, because a time will come when nobody will ever write by hand again. Just the thought of this makes us sad. As you can see, even this teacher was not sure how to write so he used two different versions of the number ‘2’.

3. Here is one frozen fly if you haven’t seen one

Image Source: Reddit

We have seen a lot of movies about animals coming back to life after being frozen for thousands of years. We are not sure if that is even theoretically possible, but hope that nobody finds a dinosaur with the intention to try it! Such an attempt would be really scary, because it might actually work. However, we wouldn’t mind if someone brings back to life this fly, which was frozen in a tiny ice cube, which is a curious thing to see.

4. It seems that Thor has an enemy we have never seen

Image Source: Reddit

First of all, we need to say that the wall mural you see is really cool! it looks like it was created by a skillful painter. However, the project for the mural had to be accurate in order for it to be correct. Despite the high quality of the work done on this piece, it is simply not accurate! Thor never fought against dragons, and these people should know it!

5. Here is one curious feature every home should have

Image Source: Reddit

It seems that people add a lot of different features to their homes in order to improve their convenience. After all, every small modification which makes life easier improves its quality! We love DIY and we are constantly on the hunt for new ideas. As you can see, this milk delivery door is more than a good idea! It is a genius option that should be added to every home! It can be used for other sings, such as beer or wine, for example! After all, there is a bottle on the door, right?

6. Marketers have crazy ideas sometimes

Image Source: Reddit

You probably know that one of the most important things for every product is the way it is advertised! The special ways that marketing campaigns are done may vary for the different countries or continents. As you can see, Coca-Cola decided to show their appreciation for the huge Australian market by creating this huge print ad! It looks weird but it delivers the right message. We guess that this makes it a clever idea, right? Maybe the Australians were proud to see it!

7. This is one really creepy DIY figure

Image Source: Reddit

Sometimes we stumble across a photo of something that makes us wonder why someone would bother doing it at all. This weird human figure is definitely such a thing! It was made out of towels, and the pale face is a paper towel roll. It looks like a primitive voodoo doll and it is kind of creepy! Maybe there was a purpose for this to exist, and we don’t want to know it!

8. Here is how you please your customers

test ad
Image Source: Reddit

We have to say that we have been to a lot of restrooms, but we have never seen anything like this! Even the most luxurious and lavish places cannot offer this option! Whoever came up with this idea is a genius and we salute them! The triple toilet paper stand offers the three most common ways to mount the toilet paper, which means that everyone could use the one they are used to! There is another advantage as well. The chance to run out of toilet paper becomes really small, which is very important!

9. This could happen only in October

Image Source: Reddit

You probably know that once October comes, some people get really excited about Halloween and they start preparing long before it actually comes! As you can see, some unknown prankster decided to put a spooky photo in a public restroom. The idea behind it was probably to scare as much people as possible. We guess that nobody was actually scared by it, but at least a few people probably felt anxiety of they were alone in the restroom. We guess that you could call it a success then.

10. Here is an interesting way to decorate a tree

Image Source: Reddit

The image you see here is really puzzling and it sparks a lot of question. We have seen a similar idea before, but they used old shoes in that case and it looked a lot different. Hanging shoes from a tree almost seems normal compared to this setup! Why would someone create a toaster tree? Is it some kind of an art installation? We get that people need to express themselves, but doing this seems to be a bit too much. It probably took a lot of effort, too.

11. Yes, these are both eggs

Image Source: Reddit

Who would have thought that something as ordinary as a chicken egg could look this weird? When we first saw the photo, we thought that it was some kind of a vegetable or a really pale baby carrot, but it turned out that it is a deformed egg. We have never seen an egg which features a different shape than the usual one. This makes this photo really awesome!

12. Here is how accurate nature can be

Image Source: Reddit

There are a lot of aspects in which nature blows our minds! Every time you spend some time in nature, you will probably see something amazing. The person who took this photo got a real treat! The odds of finding a piece of seaweed with geometry knowledge are really slim, but it seems that it is possible! The seaweed was stuck on the sand and the wind was accurate enough to use it as a tool! This is how those absolutely perfect circles were created! We remember that making those with a real tool was a struggle, and nature was able to do it just like that! This is something really exceptional to see and it makes is want to find an empty beach to walk on and search for similar things. Beaches are even better after the summer season, because the crowds are gone and you can enjoy the beautiful scenery!

13. This is something we could all relate to

Image Source: Reddit

You’ll be surprised to find out how many people use a washing machine wrong. There are so many factors to consider that it takes real dedication to do it right. Most of us just pile the laundry in the basket and load the washing machine. After that we just choose the fastest program and turn it on. As you can see, it is not a good idea and you need to be careful when you mix different types of clothes. This dyed shirt looks as if it was meant to be produced with this pattern on, which is not bad at all.

14. This is a creepy thing to see

Image Source: Reddit

We guess that you can find art absolutely everywhere! People create amazing or weird things which are often on display for everyone to see. Someone was able to create a wooden man out of what looks like driftwood, and it seems to be carved really well. The problem is that it looks a bit creepy, which was probably intentional. However, we need to admit that the person responsible for this piece of art has some skills.

15. Here is something you don’t see every day

Image Source: Reddit

Perhaps most of you guessed what this object was, right? Yes, it is an ordinary egg without the shell! It looks weird, but it is also very curious to see! This is surely the first time we see such a thing. We would like to touch it, but it seems too gentle!

Written by Nick Martin

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