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9 Examples of Extreme Situations, Products, and People

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Life can get a bit boring at times. Routines are good, but sometimes you really do need to shake up your routine. People need a bit of variety in life; they need to change things up a little bit, and the best way to do that is to do something extreme.

If you don’t feel like doing an extreme thing yourself, you can hang around a person who is sort of extreme. If you’re not feeling social, you can buy an extreme product. That’s good enough. Buying things can be a fun way to pass the time.

Here are ten examples of situations, products, and people that are sort of extreme.

1. The Extremely Nice and Very Generous Mom

Image Source: Twitter

I don’t know who this person is, but he has a really nice and extremely generous mother. She gives her kid $100 bucks just for crying, apparently. That’s a lot of money just for shedding a few tears. I wonder how often her kid cries. If he is one of those people who can fake tears and his mom just happens to be rich, he can make an okay living just by crying.

I hope the recipient of the money doesn’t cry too often, though; if you are crying every day, you are probably depressed and in need of a bit of professional help. It is normal to be sad once in a while; it is also normal to grieve a loss. However, if you are sad for weeks on end, you might need to talk to a psychologist or a psychiatrist. In the United States alone, millions of people suffer from depressive episodes every year. It definitely is not a reason to be ashamed.

Exercise might also help. It has been proven that it reduces the symptoms that come with being depressed. It doesn’t need to be intense exercise, either. As long as you are up and moving around, it will probably improve your mood.

2. The Extremely Tall Guy and the Card

Image Source: Reddit

If I happened to be tall, I would definitely consider having cards like these made. I love the sarcasm—that is some extreme sarcasm right there.

I often wish I turned out tall. I’m of average height, but I wish I ended up just a couple of inches taller. Sometimes it seems like everyone these days is incredibly tall.

You know who is even taller than the guy with the card? The actor Brad Garrett is actually an entire inch taller. If you’re not familiar with the actor, you’ve been missing out on some great performances. He is perhaps best known for starring on “Everybody Loves Raymond”, which is one of my favorite shows. He played the brother of the main character. I wish they could do another season of that show; unfortunately, several cast members are dead. That show also starred Patricia Heaton, who you may know from “The Middle”, which was also a great show. It ended earlier this year, but there will be a spin-off next year, which is the best news ever. If you have never seen “The Middle”, you should really check it out.

Speaking of “The Middle”, there was a very tall actor on that show. His name is Neil Flynn, and he was great. He was also great on the sitcom “Scrubs”. He played the character known as “Janitor”.

3. The Invitation to the Prom

Image Source: Sizzle

This is a pretty extreme way of asking someone to a formal dance. You have to appreciate the effort.
I really want to know if she said yes. How could she not? If someone goes through that much effort, he or she is probably pretty special. There is a lot of affection there, clearly.

I do have to wonder if the girl in question is a huge fan of chicken nuggets. That seems reasonable, right? I used to love chicken nuggets when I was younger. McDonald’s makes the best chicken nuggets. They aren’t exactly good for you, though. Furthermore, you don’t want to look at the ingredients list. There are a lot of ingredients considering they’re basically just breaded, fried chicken.

Still, you only live once, so you might as well enjoy them if you really like them.

I wonder what happened to the nuggets after this picture was taken. I don’t think I’d eat anything that touched a tub, but I am sort of a germaphobe.

4. The Inappropriate Bag

Image Source: Reddit

Once again, it appears as if a marketing department took a couple of months off. What sort of message is being conveyed here? It is like they’re trying to say you’ll be in a lot of pain if you eat those particular Doritos. Still, the person being kicked looks sort of happy. It is a strange illustration.
For a long time, I had no idea that Doritos have been around since the mid-1960s. I always assumed they were introduced in the 1980s, but I was wrong.

5. The Note

test ad
Image Source: Reddit

This is a pretty bold, extreme note. Then again, if you are the worst at something, you should probably change careers. You need to be told by someone. How bad is the person who serves the coffee? I have never seen anything like this note.

I wonder how old the person who wrote this note is. He or she has been drinking coffee for 62 years, but generally people don’t start drinking coffee before the age of 12 or so. I don’t think I started drinking it until I was about 15 or so.

I try to be very forgiving when it comes to people who serve me food or beverages. You have to be. It isn’t an easy job, and it can definitely be a thankless one. If you work at a really fancy restaurant, it is reasonable that customers expect a lot from you; however, you are making a small fortune in tips. If you’re working at a chain restaurant, though, you are not making a ton of money in tips.

I actually can’t stand going to fancy restaurants. The service is, in a weird way, too good. If there are crumbs of bread on the table, I don’t need my server cleaning them off for me while I’m trying to enjoy my meal.

Fortunately, I am not in the position where I am expected to go to fancy restaurants. I don’t like having to wear a tie when I go out to eat. Even the best seafood restaurant I know, which is just down the street, has a very casual vibe. You can show up there in a t-shirt and no one will look at you funny. In fact, the staff wears t-shirts. That’s why I like the place so much. You can just show up there and have a good time. Nobody is pretentious.

6. The Pets

Image Source: Reddit

This is a pretty extreme situation as far as pets go. Fortunately, I don’t think an animal was actually hurt. I wonder what the two were fighting about.

Animals can be so strange at times. My dog will—and often does—ignore me for hours. Sometimes, when I try to pet him, he just glares at me. It really ticks me off. Why have a pet if you can’t pet it?

However, when I take him outside and he sees me interacting with one of the neighbors’ dogs, he gets extremely jealous. He does not like it when I pay attention to another person’s pet.

Naturally, of course, he ignores me again when we go back inside. He might interact with me for ten minutes or so, I suppose, but then he is back to ignoring me. He never ignores me when it is time for dinner, though. I am his best friend in the world when he is hungry.

7. The Nails

Image Source: Reddit

These are definitely extreme nails. Are there nail salons out there that do things like this? I guess there must be.

I don’t understand why anyone does this. It is really hard to type if you have long nails. I don’t even like to type unless I have clipped my fingernails in the past couple of days. It just feels weird. Why would you want two sets of nails? I suppose it is a good way of getting attention, but it also looks sort of ridiculous.

Also, I know how much it can cost to get your nails done at a good salon. This must have cost a small fortune. I wonder how long this person kept the nails. It must have gotten very irritating after a while.

8. The Pikachu Party

Image Source: Reddit

I always liked Pikachu. Someone out there has an even more extreme fondness for Pikachu than I do, clearly.

Ever since Pokémon became a thing, Pikachu was my favorite. I don’t know why that is, exactly. I just think Pikachu is a great Pokémon, even if he isn’t the strongest. In fact, in recent Pokémon games, Pikachu has kind of sucked. I always had one on my team, though.

That’s why I am really excited about a game that is coming out later this year for the Nintendo Switch. Pikachu can once again be your starting Pokémon, so I obviously need to purchase the game. Pikachu will probably be quite strong in that game.

It is hard to believe that Pokémon has been around since 1996. Those games have been entertaining players for over 20 years. There is even going to be a Pokémon movie next year. From what I understand, it is all about Pikachu. I’d like to pretend I won’t go see it in the theaters, but I probably will.

I try to avoid going to movie theaters, though. I just don’t enjoy the experience very much, especially considering most movies are available to stream within just a few weeks. Still, it’d be fun to see Pikachu on the big screen.

9. The Water and the Gym

Image Source: Reddit

What is the point of this? Is it supposed to make you look tough? The title is good, though; it kind of sums up for whom the product is designed.

When I was a little kid, no one really drank bottled water. It just was not trendy back then. It was available, sure, but I never saw anyone drink it. Then again, I might not have been paying close attention.

I do remember thinking, after learning of bottled water, that it was sort of a stupid product. I am apparently an idiot, though, as many billions of dollars have been made off of the stuff.

Written by Kevin Barrett

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