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These 11 Celebrity Couples Are The Definition Of True Love

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There is a very particular reason why celebrities are important for society. They set an example in numerous aspects of life and people accept them as role models. This is why being a celebrity is a very responsible role. Unfortunately, some of the famous faces couldn’t care less about it and they do whatever they please, giving the wrong example to a lot of people. However, most rich and famous people really behave as they should! This is especially true when it comes to relationships. There are many examples of long-lasting and beautiful relationships between couples who are always in the spotlight. This is really cool because people see it and they believe that love is real even when it is constantly under the attention of the media. We selected some of the best examples for you to see! Scroll down and enjoy this amazing list that will surely restore your faith in true love!

1. Chrissy Teigen and John Legend are one of the sweetest couples ever

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When you talk about relationship goals, you just have to mention Chrissy Teigen and John Legend. They are one of the most famous celebrity couples in the moment and there is a good reason for that. Both of them have exceptionally cool personalities and they go along together so well that you couldn’t help but smile when you see them. The multiple talents they share between each other and the activity they show all the time are a really nice example for all the young people who wonder how a happy and productive relationship looks like! Their greatest achievement is definitely their beautiful child!

2. Victoria and David Beckham

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This couple probably needs no introduction! The relationship between a football player and a singer would probably be considered impossible in the long run by most people. However, this couple stood the test of time and defied all odds! They are together for eighteen years in a row, which is amazing! Not only that, but it seems that their love and the bond between them grows stronger in time! They are extremely successful as individuals, too. When you think about it, it seems kind of logical that one of the best football players of all time and one of the most popular singers formed a beautiful relationship together! Their love romance is inspirational! The one thing everyone probably admits about them is the fact that they always show their high class! We respect them for what they achieved together and we hope their love lasts forever.

3. Elton John and David Furnish are still together after many years

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Here is one couple that also proved that their close bond will not be broken by anything, including the years that go by. They are famous for their really awesome relationship. It is a widely known fact that Elton John was convinced that he met his soul mate the minute he met David Furnish. We guess that the legendary singer was more than lucky to experience that feeling. What’s more important, he turned out to be right! He and David are really adorable in the way they treat each other, which is probably one of the best signs of a healthy relationship. Mutual respect and support is everything!

4. Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds

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We are pretty sure that if you ask a group of people who their favorite celebrity couple is, most of them would name Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds! There are a lot of reasons for that and we don’t even know where to start! They are super cute together, not to mention that they are charismatic as individuals, too. Both of them have extremely fun personalities and they go along together so well that everyone around them could feel it! We guess that it is also visible from every photo that shows the way they look at each other! One of the best things about their romance is the way they troll each other on social media. We love this and we guess that millions of people also like following them and having fun with their funny and crazy posts.

5. Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi

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We guess that these two need no introduction, too! Every now and then we get to see people who go along together so well that we are left with the impression that they just clicked together. The case with Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi is exactly the same. The relationship between them looks like an endless joyride and we are sure that they feel it in a similar way! What’s even more impressive is that have been inseparable for the past 14 years! They met in 2004 and their relationship grew more and more serious. They married each other four years after they started dating and we guess that we will never see them separated. They go together so well that they were probably meant to be together.

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6. Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick also have a long history together

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Here is one of the most adorable Hollywood couples! They are both amazing actors with impressive roles behind them, and they were able to create the perfect bond, too! Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick have one of the longest marriages in Hollywood at the moment. They have been together for over twenty years and their bond seems to only grow stronger in time, which is admirable. The lovebirds got married back in 1997 and their sweet relationship has been an inspiration for all their fans through the years passed. We are convinced that there is not force on Earth that could separate them. Finding your soul mate is the best feeling ever and Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick definitely know how that feels.

7. Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell are also an example for everyone to follow

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Here is one love story that is stronger than time and anything else, for that matter! These two actors stayed together for fifty years! Yes, that’s right! They met in 1968 and have been inseparable ever since! As you can see, they look more than happy together. They obviously lead a very active life, which is something really cool to see. Both of them have impressive careers, but what’s even more amazing is that their three children are also professional actors who have a lot of successful roles behind them. This is one big and happy family and obviously talent is the most common feature in their case, because everyone has plenty of it!

8. Jada Pinkett and Will Smith

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Here is another one of our favorite Hollywood couples! They have been together for decades and they seem to be cooler than ever now! The two lovebirds also happen to be one of the most successful Hollywood families. They are both extremely talented and have numerous projects behind them which are more than successful! One look at them when they are together is more than enough to convince you that they are made for each other! This is why we love seeing them often!

9. Nancy and Steve Carell have been married for more than two decades

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Do you ever feel like you know someone without even meeting them in person? We pretty much feel that way about Steve Carell. He is definitely one of the most successful comedy actors of all time, and for good reason! The way he is able to create his roles is amazing and it cannot be replicated. It is no surprise that there are so many memes featuring the ridiculously funny facial expressions he makes. One of his greatest achievements is his bond with Nancy, his wife. They met 22 years ago and are together ever since! Their happy marriage is a proof that true love exists and time is just a number! We love seeing such happy marriages.

10. Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze Jr. are made for each other

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This is one of the sweetest couples in Hollywood for sure! They were among the most famous actors in the 90s and both of them were teen idols. Seeing the perfect harmony between them really makes us happy! They set a good example for everyone by showing how much they care for each other. The love they share stood the test of time! Of course, nobody probably doubted that it will last for such a long time! Their first date was eighteen years ago!

11. Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka

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If there is a rating of the coolest celebrity couples, these two would definitely be on the top spots in the list! NPH is one of the best actors we have ever seen and his amazing personality makes him adorable in every possible way! His partner is definitely the right man for him, because they were able to create an amazing family! Imagine the amount of fun they have when they are together! They say that happiness is a state of mind, and this couple obviously knows that.

Written by Nick Martin

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