9 Times People Perfectly Summed Up Our Emotions And Moods

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It is rare when people truly understand the mood you are in. Moods can be hard to put into words, and there are dozens of reasons one might experience a particular emotion.

For example, people get grumpy, but there are an almost infinite number of reasons to get grumpy. If you have ever had to tried to pump gas and there was a malfunction, which resulted in your getting gas all over your work clothes, that is a good reason to be grumpy. If one of your friends accidentally ran over your big toe with their car once, that is another good reason to be grumpy.

If you have ever gotten a really bad pimple on your wedding day, that is an absolutely great reason to be grumpy. That is also a great reason to be angry at your own skin. Why does it always choose to be uncooperative at the worst possible times? Similarly, why do people always get colds at the worst possible times? That happens to me.

There was one time I almost sneezed on a corpse at a wake; that would have been embarrassing and really awkward to explain to the family of the deceased. There’s no real coming back from that.
Here are ten great examples of people who summed up moods and emotions in interesting ways.

1. The Drinking and the Tuesday

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I hate Tuesdays. Unless there is a television show on that you particularly like that airs on Tuesdays, they are typically the worst day of the week. Mondays are awful, sure, but the fond memories of a fun, relaxing weekend will get you through. You probably have a bit of energy and drive. Also, a lot of holidays fall on Mondays—at least in the United States—so you might have off on a Monday.
When it comes to Tuesday, though, the weekend is becoming a distant memory. On Wednesday, you know that you are halfway through the week. You can already feel the weekend coming on Thursday, and by Friday the weekend has basically already begun.

If there is any day of the week you need to drink, it is a Tuesday.

The expression on this young woman’s face really captures how many of us feel about Tuesdays. She just looks ticked at life.

Sundays are pretty bad days, too. It is always fun to go to brunch on a Sunday morning, but you start to get depressed around the time the sun starts to set—and you realize you have nothing to look forward to for days and days.

2. The Dentist Appointment

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I am not sure what sort of person brings their mom to the dentist after the age of about 18 or so. You might need a ride home if you’re having oral surgery of some sort, but your mom isn’t necessary if you’re just getting a cleaning and x-rays.

There are reasons to bring your mom (or dad, or both) to a doctor’s appointment, though, even if you are fully grown. If you are not married and your good friends are incredibly self-centered people, there are a number of health conditions that might warrant your parents’ attention.

For example, if you are unlucky enough to have cancer and scheduled an appointment with your oncologist, you might want a parent around. If you’re having major surgery, you might want a parent around. Also, if you’re giving birth, you might want your mom around.

In regard to the image, what’s up with that guy’s phone? Why does he have a corded phone? His hairstyle also leaves something to be desired.

3. The Business Hours

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I really like this one. This is the sort of business everyone wants to work at. Any boss that is cool with this policy is great in my book. It must be frustrating for customers of the business, true, but it is wonderful for the employees.

As a customer—unless you’re dealing with a restaurant, retail establishment, or doctor’s office—you should probably call ahead to a business to make sure someone is available to take care of you.

I have worked for a few companies that were extremely nitpicky when it came to showing up on time and leaving on time. They really never minded if I left a bit late, mind; they just refused to pay me extra if I did. If I showed up even five minutes late, which happens because traffic isn’t always the most predictable thing in the world, they were more than happy to dock my pay. It wasn’t like I ever was an air traffic controller; lives weren’t exactly at stake because I was five minutes late to my job.
Don’t get me wrong—I think it is important to be punctual whenever possible. Still, life can be sort of random. One minor car accident can cause traffic to backup for a half-hour or more.

4. The Vacuum and the Pet Hair

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In case you’re wondering, you are looking at a bunch of pet hair inside of a vacuum cleaner. It is gross, sure, but it could be a lot grosser.

A lot of pets shed, and you just sort of have to accept that. Fortunately, I have one of those dogs that doesn’t shed, but he does do other gross things. He does a lot of nasty things, in fact. For one, he’ll lick my feet. Now, that’s really only gross for him. At the very least, I’ll tolerate it. Shortly thereafter, however, he will generally try to lick my face, especially if I am drinking coffee. That is disgusting. It isn’t that my feet are dirty, per se, but they are feet; they’re not the cleanest things in the world.

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He also likes to eat mulch and bugs. Little dogs are bizarre creatures. They certainly inspire certain moods, and the owner of this vacuum summed up my mood perfectly when I have to clean up after my pet.

5. The Artist

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It seems tempting to trace the outline of your animal; the look in those eyes, though, sums up what all animals are thinking when you attempt to do so. It is a bad idea.

The drawing in this image is also terrible. It is like the artist wasn’t even trying. Other people who are bad at art can relate.

Actually, I am not too bad at drawing and painting. I’m no Claude Monet, unfortunately, but who is? I don’t draw my pets, though. I used to, but they would always die shortly after I completed a really good drawing; I couldn’t prove there was some sort of curse-related situation going on, and it was probably just a coincidence, but it is better to be safe than sorry when it comes to curses.

6. The Threat From the Daughter

Image Source: Instagram

I am assuming this was a joke. If I happened to be this young woman’s father, however, I would be terrified.

There are a number of reasons I don’t have children. I don’t really want one, though, as I would eventually be forced to either interact with a teenager or die prematurely. I think I would prefer the latter, honestly. I didn’t like interacting with teenagers when I was one; why would I force myself to go through that again?

Children can also be kind of scary—at least if you watch horror movies. I just watched a made-for-TV movie starring Rob Lowe called “The Bad Seed”. It was a remake of another movie, and it aired on the cable station Lifetime. The critics didn’t like it much, but I thought it was pretty good. It was relatively typical horror/thriller fare, so the script was sort of mediocre, but the acting was decent.
In particular, I give a lot of credit to the actress who played the little girl that went on a killing spree. She was creepy. There were also a couple of plot twists that I really didn’t see coming. If you are bored and have the chance to check it out, there are worse ways to spend a couple of hours.
Rob Lowe, who played the father in the movie, also directed the film. Rob Lowe, of course, was a teen idol back in the 1980s and became a Hollywood star for starring in films such as “The Outsiders” and “Square Dance”.

If you are interested in movies about terribly scary children, you can’t go wrong with “The Omen”, which was released in 1976. It is all about a little boy who turned out to be the son of the Devil. He ended up killing a lot of people. That movie starred actor Gregory Peck as the adoptive father of the Antichrist. It was so successful that several sequels were made. There was also a reboot made in 2006. It was pretty good, but it wasn’t as good as the original version, which made it sort of unnecessary.

7. The T-Shirt

Image Source: Instagram

The deal here, apparently, is that the shirt gets wet from sweat; as a result, the message shows up. That is sort of gross.

That said, it is a nice-looking t-shirt. I wish there were more jobs out there to which you could wear a t-shirt. They’re the most comfortable shirts a person can wear, really.

Generally, they don’t cost very much, and you can buy decent ones pretty much anywhere. If I had it my way, I would never wear a collared shirt ever again. I would certainly never wear a tie again. I don’t understand why people started wearing ties in the first place. Why would you wear anything tightly around your neck unless you absolutely had to?

We can all relate to wanting to go home from work. There aren’t that many people out there who love their jobs so much they want to stay longer than they absolutely need to.

8. The Dog That Is Pushing

Image Source: Reddit

You have to admire this dog. He or she has that sort of can-do attitude that a lot of us wish we had, but don’t. How cute is it that it is trying to push the vehicle? That is brave little dog—that isn’t at all lazy.

I feel bad for the people in this image, as there is clearly a flooding situation of some sort going on. It is either that or a truck rolled into a lake. I am worried about the dog, though. That water looks deep enough that the dog could drown.

9. The Kid Who Is Trying To Impress

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I can understand wanting to look more muscular, and you have to give this kid credit for his creativity and resourcefulness.

Everyone wants to look his or her best. The unfortunate fact of the matter is that looking really good takes a lot of really hard work. If you are only trying to impress strangers on social media, that hard work isn’t really worth the effort.

Exercise is great for you, but doing push-ups and sit-ups can be harmful if not done correctly. Lifting more weight than you should can seriously injure your back.

I think this kid did the right thing. You have to admire this effort, though. You really can’t tell those are not his arms.

Written by Sven Miller

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