98-year-old Woman Moves Into A Care Home In Order to Take Care Of Her Son Who Is 80

Image Source: Liverpool echo

Ada Keating is 98 years old. Tom, her eldest son, is 80 years old.

Ada has made the decision to move to Liverpool’s Moss View care home in order to help take care of her son; he has been staying there since 2016.

The mother and her son are considered inseparable; they have both been retired for quite a while, and they enjoy spending their time together. In particular, they enjoy watching the television program Emmerdale.

If you watch the following video, it is obvious how much the mother and son enjoy one another’s company—and they clearly have a very strong bond.

According to a Liverpool newspaper, when Ada was asked about the bond she shared with her son, she replied by saying that you never really stop “being a mum”.

Image Source: Liverpool echo

According to Tom, despite his advanced age, his mother does not give him a break. He says that his mother is very good at looking after him and will often tell him to behave himself.

Home care manager Philip Daniels said that the relationship between the mother and son is very touching; therefore, the home is happy to accommodate the needs of both of them.

Daniels added that it is “very rare” to see mothers and their children together in a care home. As a result, the care home wants to make their time together as special as it can be.

Ada told the media that she says goodnight to Tom every night; every morning, she will say good morning to him. She tells him that she is coming down for breakfast.

When she goes out to the hairdresser—she says—he will look for her to see when she is coming back. When she gets back, she is greeted by outstretched arms, and she receives a big hug.

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Image Source: Liverpool Echo

The staff obviously hopes that Ada and Tom have many more happy years together—the two clearly enjoy one another’s company, and that is fantastic.

The good news is that they actually may be around for a very long time.

Ada is 98 years old, true, but that doesn’t mean she’s going anywhere anytime soon. After all, there is a woman from Japan who is over 117 years old.

The Japanese woman’s name is Nabi Tajima. Nabi became the world’s oldest person in Japan back in 2015—this happened after the death of an unnamed woman from Tokyo.

Nabi had nine children. As of September of 2017, Nabi had roughly 160 descendants.

According to Nabi, the secret to longevity is eating delicious food and sleeping soundly.

Another woman from Japan is over 116 years old. There are actually several women from Japan who are over 110 years old. The oldest person from the United States is 114 years old, and her name is Delphine Gibson.

Fortunately for Ada, there’s a very good chance her son will also live a long time. The oldest living man is currently 112 years old, and he too is from Japan.

Richard Arvin Overton, who is from the United States, is almost 112 years old. He joined the military in 1940 and is a veteran of World War II; he resides in the city of Austin, which is located in Texas. Back in 2013, he was honored by United States President Barack Obama.

He is also well known for telling United States media in 2013 that he intended to spend Memorial Day smoking cigars and drinking coffee stiffened with whiskey.

Smoking cigars and drinking apparently worked for Overton, but those two activities probably shouldn’t be recommend to those hoping to live for over a century. Lifestyle choices are one of the two major factors related to longevity. The other factor is genetics.

Environmental factors also play a part in how long an individual lives.

People who commonly live past the age of 100 tend to live in regions where diets are mostly plant-based. Legumes and nuts are frequently consumed. Long-lived people tend not to smoke. Engaging in regular physical activity is also recommended, as doing so results in a regular body mass index (BMI). Both a regular sleep schedule (between 7 and 8 hours a night) and limited alcohol consumption may also contribute to longevity.

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