The Girl Who Gouged Her Eyes Out, Because Of Drugs Says Life Is Better Now That She Is Clean

Image Source: Katy Tompkins/Facebook

Kaylee Muthart is now completely blind after she gouged her own eyes out due to a horrific meth-induced psychosis, which compelled her to do what she believed was a sacrifice to God.

The accident happened outside of a South Carolina church on the 6th of February this year, just a few days before she was scheduled to attend a rehab center as a result of her history of meth abuse.

Image Source: Katy Tompkins/Facebook

The 20-year-old woman is now completely drug-free and is beginning to adapt to her new life without sight; despite losing her eyes, she considers her life to be better now that she is not abusing meth.

Image Source: Katy Tompkins

On the day of the incident, some people tried to prevent her from blinding herself, but she pushed them away; she was restrained only when the police deputies arrived at the scene outside the church.

Kaylee was immediately taken to the Greenville Memorial Hospital trauma unit, which is where the medical staff told her mother Katy Tompkins that her daughter was permanently blind. The mother was devastated and struggled to accept the fact that her daughter had lost her eyesight.

However, she was thankful that her daughter was alive.

Katy is now raising money for a service dog for her daughter.

Kaylee recalls that meth made her severely delusional, and she believed that the dead required her to sacrifice her eyes to God. She was delirious, thinking that all dead people were stuck in their graves—and that her sacrifice would be the key to releasing them into Heaven.

Kaylee added that she felt the world become darker, and all her beliefs were twisted to the point where she pulled her own eyes out.

She added that she was really scared and confused, but she ultimately felt that doing what she did was the right thing to do; she even felt glad she did it. Kaylee claimed that she felt she had very little time to ‘save the world’.

She remembers how she pulled her eyeballs out, and she told the pastor who came out of the church to pray for her—because she wanted to see ‘the light’.

After the accident, Kaylee stayed at the hospital—and later at a psychiatric facility—before she returned home. The medics believe that the meth may have been mixed with another chemical on that horrific day.

The young woman also said that she more or less leads the same everyday life, but she needs to learn how to live without her vision. Despite the disability, she claims that life is more beautiful now, because nothing was worse than being on drugs.

She said that she sometimes feel as if she is not blind, and she knows her way around her mother’s house. She also has the feeling that she can see even without her eyes, but she can’t explain it as it is a new sensation to her.

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Image Source: Kaylee Jean Muthar/Facebook

During her adaptation period, Kaylee was fascinated by echolocation—the ability to navigate using sound, which the visually impaired people tend to have.

The 20-year-old woman started abusing meth about half a year before the tragic accident. According to her, some coworkers gave her marijuana, which was apparently mixed with a heavier substance, because she felt really high; after realizing what they had done, she left that job.

Image Source: Kaylee Jean Muthart/Facebook

Within a month, she found another place to work, but things got worse; one of her new colleagues persuaded her to try meth. After taking it, she was awake for three days, and she even made some videos of herself. After she eventually got sober and watched the videos, she stopped using meth for a bit. However, she admitted that she returned to it not long after because she felt lonely.

Image Source: Kaylee Jean Muthart/Facebook

She was just about to be accommodated in a rehab facility when the tragedy happened. She even finds the strength to laugh about that day, saying that she was the kind of person that never quits if she starts something, and she obviously did. Kaylee also added that music played a key role in her recovery; she is a good guitar player and she can still learn new songs despite losing her eyesight.

Kaylee still needs to go to rehab for a month, and before that happens she plans to maintain her life drug-free while working for the Commission for the Blind as a public speaker.

She says that she got her old self back. Despite her being blind, she feels happier to be the Kaylee Jean Muthart she was ten years ago, which she thinks was a better version of herself.

Her GoFundMe campaign for a service dog has already raised nearly half of the $50,000 goal.

Written by Nick Martin

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