A Bullied Schoolboy Turned The Tables On His Tormentor With Just A Single Punch

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Bullying is an issue all around the world. Some kids just don’t know how to be nice human beings. Whether they are just mean, responding to peer pressure, or being bullied themselves, at home or elsewhere, there is no doubt that it needs to change.

The amount of children affected by bullying is unacceptable. Kids are becoming depressed and hurting themselves, or even taking their own lives because of the pain of relentless bullying.

When children are picked on and tormented, it does severe damage to their fragile psyche. Some seem resilient, but go home and cut themselves. Some finally get enough and learn to fight back.

This video, which has gone viral on Twitter, shows a child who learned to fight back. In Merseyside, England, you see a girl slap a boy, and then a different boy with poofy hair ask him to fight him.

The group of children gathered around can be heard clearly egging the violence on with chants asking what he is going to do.

He’s walking backwards, clearly trying to avoid an altercation when the group forces his hand and he lashes out.

The young boy, after being challenged to a fist fight, backs away from his tormentor and then surprises the crowd with a monster of a left hook, the likes of which are pretty surprising coming from a young boy.

The dramatic turns of events left the onlookers flabbergasted. The boy with poofy hair went flailing backwards, barely missing a bus stop on the way down.

Next, the same girl who slapped the boy attacked him again.

The short video has been retweeted and seen by thousands.

The children in the video are all in uniform from a nearby school. You can see the one clear ringleader.

Those who have seen the video have heaped praise on the boy for standing up for himself.

Although most people do not like to see violence against anybody, this instance seems to be given a pass, since the youngster was protecting himself from harm.

Many say they do not condone any violence under normal circumstances, but praise this boy for his actions in standing up for himself.

Image Source: YOUTUBE

As much as we always want to discourage violence at all costs, sometimes kids are pushed to the brink of feeling like they can defuse a situation and escape without being hurt themselves.

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That’s when the fight or flight response shows up and causes one to protect themselves by hitting first or running away from the threat.

Some viewers said they take great pleasure when they see a bully get their just rewards.

Some love the fact that the bully takes a hit to the face before he’s even finished talking. It sounds like he’s trying to intimidate the boy by threatening to smash him.

His buddies run over to check on him as they gasp “oh my god! Callum!”

The consensus seems to be that Callum won’t try bully again. He’ll just keep his mouth shut.

Callum and his friends won’t be messing with that boy ever again.

Another man, Paul Jones, recalls being that kid surrounded by a crowd waiting to see him pummeled, feeling scared and helpless. He says the relief that comes from standing up and fighting back is tremendous.

Although there are some who believe violence is never the answer. Even in this situation. More are inclined to say that he did the right under the circumstances.

I’m confident that most people who see this can overlook any qualms they have about violence and appreciate the fact that a bully was put in his place for once.

If you want to help kids learn how to deal with bullies there are many different strategies to try.

One way is avoidance, which the boy in this clip tried at first. Not engaging and giving them the attention they are looking for might be enough to deter some bullies.

Humor can sometimes defuse a situation where violence might occur.

Don’t back down. Be assertive in telling the bully to back off and leave you alone.

Friends are a great way to avoid some bullying situations. Bullies prey on the weak or those who are alone. Being in a group as often as possible is a way to keep the bullies from singling you out.

Ignoring them completely can work as well.

Finally, I love the idea of meeting the ugliness with kindness. A lot of the time, the bully is hurting inside. Showing them that you care might be just what they need.

In this instance, the boy did what he had to do after being cornered. It’s good to see any young person taking up for themselves and I hope in the future we can see the decline of bullying all over the world.

Written by Amanda Johnson

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