A Man Squeezed Out Throbbing Cyst On His Face And Photographed It

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Frederic Ward, 23, suffers from chronic staphylococcal infections, and recently he took it upon himself to take care of one of the resulting cysts without medical help.

His friends recorded the stomach turning squeeze fest and it is not for the weak tummies amongst us.

He says that he gets the infections frequently and was already taking antibiotics for this go round so he didn’t want to wait for a doctor to help purge his face of this huge bump.

It seemed to be quite the ordeal, with lots of squeezing, prodding and manipulating with tweezers. He says that it hurts badly.

It took about four minutes for him to squeeze the entirety of the cyst out of his cheek.

The pictures are sure to make many queasy. They are definitely not easy to look at.

Ward doesn’t know what causes these frequent infections, and the doctors are still trying to figure it out. He’s regularly visiting them for this chronic problem.

Image Source: Caters

This is around number 10 as far as the exact same infections and he just wasn’t up to waiting at the hospital to be fit in to have it drained. He simply did it himself when it came to a head and was ready.

He said it was really tender and began to throb after a few days.

Image Source: Caters

His first attempt at draining it without medical intervention didn’t go so well, and fluid was left around the cyst.

He is fully healed now with just a small scar.

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Image Source: Caters

Staph infections can be very serious. They can be minor, as Frederic’s cyst was, or they can get into your blood, causing much bigger problems that can damage your heart and lungs.

These are bacterial infections mostly caused by staphylococcus aureus, including MRSA. MRSA is resistant to antibiotics, making it hard to treat.

Superficial skin issues that come from these infections include boils. Boils are extremely tender, red bumps found mostly on the neck, face, butt, or underarms.

Also, impetigo, which is more common in children, but can happen to anyone. The resulting sores blister and crust up.

There can also be painful abscesses. They are pus filled lumps right up under the skin.

More dangerous are the invasive infections that can occur. Endocarditis is a dangerous infection of the lining of the heart. Symptoms are fever, coughing and pain in the chest.

Pneumonia can also result from a staphylococcal infection.

If it gets in the blood, it’s called sepsis and comes with rapid heart rate and trouble breathing.

A third of us are carriers of the bacteria on our skin. It remains harmless to us unless it gets inside via cuts or scrapes. Dirty medical equipment can also be blamed.

Anyone can become infected with staph, but those with immune systems that are weakened are more likely to get it. Those with HIV or those under chemo treatments are some of the ones who are very susceptible.

Most of the time, no treatment is required. Even if it is, lancing the boil and a round of antibiotics is all it takes.

As with any other germ you wish to avoid, you can take precautions. Washing hands often, practicing good personal hygiene, including keeping open wounds and cuts clean and covered, and finally, not sharing personal hygiene items. These include toothbrushes, razors, towels or sheets.

Hopefully, if you follow these rules, you won’t ever have to pop a monster bump on your cheek.

P.S. We will not show you the video, because we found it disturbing. If you want to watch it feel free to visit the source.

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Written by Amanda Johnson

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