Parents Of Student Who Had Intercourse With Teacher Don’t Want Her Charged

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A former student teacher in Beacon Falls, Connecticut has been accused of having sex with a student. The male student was allegedly 18 years of age at the time of reported sexual encounter, and the teacher has turned herself into police. She was also a track coach at Conard High School.

The student teacher’s name is Taylor Boncal, and she is 22 years old. She was charged with three counts of 2nd degree assault on Thursday.

She has been accused of having intercourse as well as oral sex with the 18-year-old male student. She was 21 at the time of the “relationship”.

There is a statute in the state of Connecticut that prohibits sexual relationships between teachers and the students who attend their schools.

According to Tom Moore, the superintendent for West Hartford schools, it was a concerned parent who notified the school district about the inappropriate relationship between Taylor and a student. Taylor had actually completed her student teaching in the fall, but still employed by the school district as a track coach. Moore confirmed that Taylor’s employment with the school district has been terminated.

He has described himself as furious “regarding” the violation of the faith that is entrusted to school employees.
According to Moore, West Hartford officials were first notified, then New Britain police handled the investigation into the alleged crime. Boncal was residing in New Britain when she was engaging in the sexual relationship, and all of the sexual encounters allegedly took place there.

The story is a little more complicated than it seems. How so? Local media reports that the parents of the 18-year-old male student don’t actually want to see Taylor Boncal prosecuted. They actually asked that she not be prosecuted.
Further complicating the case, Taylor was not the male student’s coach at the time of the sexual encounters. She had, however, taught him in social science classes.

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Making the situation even trickier is the fact that she was only 21 when they started their sexual relationship, and he was 18—while the fact there was only a 3 year difference in their ages does not make what happened alright, it certainly explains how a relationship between the two could have possibly started.

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According to the arrest warrant in the case, it was the student who first pursued the teacher. The victim asked for Boncal’s phone number; the two started texting back and forth in the middle of December of 2017.

Allegedly, the first time the pair had sexual intercourse was at the young student teacher’s home on Christmas day. Their last encounter was on January 11th of this year.

After the “relationship” was revealed to school officials, the male victim in this case admitted to the relationship he had with Taylor. He also confessed to “sexting” with Taylor, but had reportedly lost his phone.

Most of their communication was done using Facebook messenger.

After charges were brought forth against her, Boncal turned herself into the police. She apparently expressed concern that the male victim would get in trouble and worried about him. According to a police affidavit, Taylor said that the victim was kind to her and “loved him”.

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The young male victim has also expressed concern for Taylor regarding the outcome of the investigation.

The school’s principal put forth a statement on behalf of the school at which Taylor Boncal was a student teacher/coach. He confirmed that the school immediately informed the police upon learning of the rumor of the sexual relationship between Taylor and the male student. He has been working with the police, he said, to make sure Taylor is held accountable for her actions. He also stated that the school will not tolerate any sort of behavior that compromises the well-being or safety of students.

Boncal, a 2017 graduate of Central Connecticut State University, was arraigned in New Britain’s Superior Court. Her next court date is on the 1st of March.

It remains to be seen how this entire situation will play out, especially considering the student in this case was over the age of 18 at the time of the alleged sexual encounters. That his parents don’t want to see Taylor prosecuted will undoubtedly complicate matters further. Her career in education is likely over before it really began, but we will likely learn a lot more about Taylor’s future when she heads to court in just a little over a month.

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