A Cat Walked 12 Miles To Reunite With His Family, But They Wanted Him Put Down Anyways

Image Source: Facebook / SPCA of Wake County

A cat named Toby was desperate to be reunited with his family. He was heartbroken after being taken from his home.
Toby walked 12 miles to find his family. When he found his owners, though, they were not pleased. He risked life and limb to find them, but his owners did not want Toby.

Image Source: Facebook / SPCA of Wake County

They actually took Toby to a shelter in order to have him put down. Happily, the shelter contacted the local Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) in Wake County, North Carolina.

According to the SPCA, Toby’s family no longer wanted him, so he was given to another family. There was apparently conflict between Toby and the family’s other cats. Toby had initially showed up at the home as a stray, and the pets were not getting along.

The feline missed his family once given away, though, so he walked 12 miles back to his former home. Sadly, the family that Toby once thought loved him decided to take him to a shelter, and they asked for Toby to be euthanized.

The shelter called the SPCA and asked if the organization could take Toby in; they said yes.

Happily, a new home has been found for Toby, who is believed to be roughly seven years old. His story went viral after the SPCA posted about him.

Toby was neutered, and he no longer has issues with other cats—at least not the ones with whom he currently lives.

Image Source: Facebook / SPCA of Wake County

Pets get abandoned all too frequently. On April 13, a woman was caught on video setting her dogs free. A local resident used a mobile phone to capture the evidence.

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Image Source: Facebook / SPCA of Wake County

The aforementioned local spoke regarding the situation, saying that she spotted a car at the end of a dead end r

oad while she was getting ready for work. Collars were being removed from inside the car. The witness quickly put on her shoes, ran out towards the road, and started filming.

The witness said that she is tired of people in the area dumping animals. She recorded the scene, she said, in order to educate the woman and advise her to do the right thing.

The woman in the video asked for directions to Animal Control Services, but illegally abandoned the dogs anyway—as the driver directed. A back seat passenger flipped the witness off, and the car drove away.

On Facebook, the Animal Care Services of the City of San Antonio wrote about the situation; thanks to the efforts of the area resident, animal care officers were able to get to the scene quickly, and three of the abandoned dogs are now being cared for by the organization.

Animal Care Services wrote that the dogs obviously had a rough day. They seem to be friendly dogs, though, and they also seem to get along well with one other. The most important things is that they are in need of love and proper care.
Animal Care Services asked people to consider opening their homes to at least one of the dogs—if possible—by either adopting or fostering.

Pet abandonment really is a huge problem worldwide. For example, millions of animals are put to death each year as a result of abandonment. Over six million companion animals enter shelters in the United States annually. Roughly 3.2 million are adopted.

One reason there are so many dog deaths is that a lot of people buy puppies and then later decide the puppy is an inconvenience, so they get rid of them in a shelter, adding yet more innocent dogs to the enormous numbers already put to death.

Other people forget to neuter their pets—or simply do not bother—which leads to unwanted puppies and kittens that inevitably get put to death.

In the United States, there are about 78 million owned dogs and over 86 million cats.

Pet problems are the primary reason people give up their animals in the US. Pet problems include problematic and aggressive behavior. In addition, pets sometimes grow larger than expected, or they experience health problems that the owner can’t handle.

Written by Kevin Barrett

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