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A Flat Earther Explains Why There Is No Way We Could Fall Off The Earth’s Edge

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If you have some common sense, you are probably not a member of the Flat Earth society. Many consider them to be some kind of a parody or joke, but the society is apparently something serious in the minds of those who belong to it.

Flat-Earthers actually believe that our planet is not, in fact, a planet; instead, it is believed to be a huge disc with ice all over the edge.

Upon learning what these people claim, you get to a point at which your common sense sparks a very important question—how do we manage to stay on the disc and not fall off?

Well, the Flat Earth society has got you covered, and they have provided the answer to that eyebrow-raising question. Forget about what you were taught at school—you are about to get properly educated now.

One notorious flat-Earther decided to speak out and finally give the answer to the age-old question about how we manage to avoid falling off the edge. It is a very reasonable question, and Connor Murphy is certain that he has the right answer.

Connor is Dave Murphy’s son—one of the most famous flat-Earthers—and he has spoken about almost everything you could potentially ask a flat-Earther. He commented on NASA, Photoshop, the Sun, and other important things. Keep in mind that these people believe that the only reason Earth’s curvature could be observed from a plane is because the windows of the aircraft are round.

Connor spoke about NASA, to which his fellow members often refer as ‘Never A Straight Answer’. In his opinion there were at least two big enough reasons for the government to lie about space travel and exploration. The first is supposed to be the money NASA is given. Connor stated that since the organization was established, they have been funded with approximately 15 trillion dollars, and their work was not worth anything near that amount.

He added that they create photographic material and other content and publish it as a result of their work; only one photo of Pluto cost them around $700,000,000, and they still created the final result in Photoshop—according to him.

The second reason why everything is actually supposed to be a big scam is to implement the feeling of insignificance in the majority of people; therefore, it will be easier to control and manipulate them.

Connor also said that the correct perception of Earth would be a smashed version of the globe as we know it today.

The only difference is Antarctica, which should be taking up the whole perimeter of the disc, instead of being a separate continent.

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You can hear the words of wisdom here:

And now, the most important question of them all: why don’t we fall off from the edge of the world? Well, as it turns out, there is no edge! Believe it or not, Connor claims that there is nothing to fall from, because we were actually living under a dome with water all around it. This means there is no Space, no Sun, or anything related. When talking about radical theories, this has to be at the top of the list.

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He even explained why the Earth seems to be curved when seen from a plane. It turned out that the planes’ design was at the bottom of this illusion; because the cabins were rounded, so were the windows and that created the effect. Connor even said that if you look at the wing from the window of a plane, it would seem rounded, too. We know what you’re thinking, but this guy was absolutely serious about the things he was talking about and genuinely seemed convinced they are true.

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Connor thinks that people make fun of the Flat Earth society’s theories simply because they are being taught different things from a young age. He admitted that he wasn’t a flat-Earther his whole life, but as he grew older he began to realize that a lot of the facts he was taught at school did not ‘add up’.

He knew that he simply had to choose what to believe in and what to consider a hoax, and apparently he did.

Written by Kevin Barrett

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