Bully Asks His Former Victim Out On A Date And She Has The Perfect Revenge

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Many people could recall being bullied as part of their time in school; while some were not bothered that much, others went through heavy verbal and even physical harassment. Such experiences become a burden and you are never really able to fully cope with them. Nobody who has been bullied would forget these times as long as he lives.

Louisa Manning was a bullying victim and she certainly never forgot what she went through, so when one of her bullies contacted her and asked her out years later, she did not hesitate to accept and have her revenge.

1. Bullying could have devastating consequences

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Bullying could make any person feel extremely bad and deprive people of their confidence and self-esteem.

2. Any victim knows how hard it is to get over something like this

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Even if you have the power to forgive your bullies, you would probably never forget what they put you through.

3. It is still rare to see a bully apologizing years later or a victim getting the opportunity to have revenge.

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If a bully happens to sincerely apologize to his victim years later, it would probably mean a lot, but these things happen rarely.

4. One girl was bullied regularly and she suffered the consequences; her path in life became very difficult after those hard episodes

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Years later, she got an unexpected opportunity to have her revenge.

5. Louisa Manning was just twelve years old when bullies began picking on her because of her weight and the excessive hair on her body

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They even came up with the nickname ‘manbeast’, leading her to developing an eating disorder and suffering from low self-esteem for years.

6. Years later she attended St. Peter’s College at Oxford when she accidentally met one of her former bullies

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She was extremely surprised when the guy asked her out.

7. Naturally, she was angry about him inviting her on a date now, while years back he laughed at her for being ugly

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Louisa immediately came up with a plan and she accepted the invitation.

8. The girl arrived at the restaurant a little earlier

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She told one of the waitresses to give a letter to her date when he arrives at the table. Of course, Louisa left the restaurant; she had no intention of sitting on the same table with him.

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9. When the former bully came to meet his date, the waitress handed him over the letter, containing a note and a picture of Louisa when she was twelve

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She said that she could not join him for dinner, because after he mocked her for being overweight, she spent more than three years suffering from an eating disorder and ate as little as an apple a day.

10. She continued recalling the things he laughed at her about

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She reminded him about the endless times she was mocked about her being a little too hairy and how he and his buddies used to call her ‘manbeast’. She added that now he simply considered her pretty enough to get her in bed, so he treated her normally.

11. The note was actually from the 12-year-old Louisa

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She wrote that actually it was her former self that was standing up against him now and that this note and the picture served as a reminder for that and he had done to her.

12. However, the guy decided to apologize

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The former bully reached out to Louisa, explaining that all he intended was to make friends while in college, and admitted that he deserved everything she told him.

13. He continued by saying he changed his ways

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The guy said that he simply could not pretend that these things did not happen, but he was not able to change who he was years ago.

14. The former bully knew she would not contact him again

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He insisted that he was sincere and wished Louisa a massive success.

15. This girl is a true hero for standing up to her bully

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We have to give a little credit to him for apologizing and we hope that he really meant it.

16. It doesn’t matter if you could forgive such a thing; an apology is always a good thing

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Choosing between revenge or getting an apology is something personal, but not everyone could find the strength to forgive such actions.

Written by Nick Martin

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