A Future Bride, 47, Died Of Flu Just 1 Week After She Started Feeling Nauseous And Dizzy

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Bride-to-be and mother-of-two real estate agent, 47, dies of flu just days after she started feeling dizzy and nauseous

47-year-old Katherine Acton—a future bride, mother and real estate agent—felt sick, and she died of flu a few days later.

Katherine Acton, 47, passed away on Wednesday just a week after the doctors diagnosed her with flu. The mother of two sons had her wedding date scheduled a few months in the future.

Acton worked as a real estate agent in Alabama. Less than 24 hours before she died, the woman sent a text to her fitness trainer Brii Walker, saying that she was in a great deal of pain and felt scared. Later, Walker said that Acton was healthy and very fit due to regular workouts, and that she planned a wedding in early autumn with her partner Chuck Binzel.

Sadly, Acton lost her life on Wednesday morning because of the deadly flu that killed hundreds of people in the US, 44 of which were just in Alabama.

Everyone describes the woman as a beautiful person both inside and outside. She reportedly was perfectly healthy and had a great physique due to regular training with Walker.

Acton recently moved in with her future husband Binzel, and they spent a lot of time planning the wedding. Walker said how much she loved him and her two sons – Eason Abraham, 21, and GT Abraham, 19. He also shared that she often said how happy she was that she finally found the right man for her.

Binzel found his future wife dead on Wednesday. He said that there were no words he could describe how he felt, adding that he had no direction, just a hole left after the loss of his partner.

Acton sent a text to Walker just a week before she died saying that she had to postpone her training schedule for the week because she was diagnosed with flu.

On Wednesday, Walker’s close friends to Binzel and Acton – Jason and Donna Mann- told her that Acton had died.
The message Walker received on Tuesday from her stated that she felt worse the previous night and she went to the doctors again. She wrote that she was feeling weak and was in pain; she started vomiting, and all that made her feel scared.

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Forty-four people died in Alabama this year because of the flu, which turned out to be highly resistant to any kind of treatment and surpassed the typical epidemic proportions for the US.

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The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that between 3,300 and 49,000 people lose their lives because of the flu every year, and about 70 percent of that number are people over the age of 65.

The CDC reports that 37 children have died so far, and at least a hundred more will probably meet the same fate. This is likely due to the fact that the relatively ineffective shot against the flu has to fight with the aggressive H3N2 strain. This means that even healthy adults are vulnerable to the disease.

The epidemic began in October, which is quite early for the United States. Deaths due to the flu account for about nine percent of the total death rate in the US over the past week.

The CDC expected that the worst case scenario would not happen this season, but as deaths continued to accumulate with victims of the flu—like Acton—it seemed as if the unfortunate scenario had actually happened.

Acton left behind a lot of people that will miss her as long as they live. One of her closest friends—Donna Mann— said that she keeps waking up hoping that it she only had a bad dream, wishing Acton was still alive.

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Acton’s personal fitness instructor and friend Brii Walker said that she was perfect in every way and all eyes were on her. Donna Mann’s husband—Jason—wrote a Facebook post about Acton’s story as a warning for everybody to take things seriously; the flu can hit everyone at any time.

Acton lived in Shelby County, where eight other people also lost their lives because of flu-related sickness. Four of those people, including Acton, were young and healthy individuals who seemingly just got the flu, as the Coroner of Shelby County Lina Evans said. Those four people experienced pretty much the same things and faded away in similar fashions.

Evans said that all of them developed pneumonia, which can cause a fatal lung infection; they started taking antibiotics, but the symptoms did not go away. This is why Evans advises that if someone feels bad even after taking antibiotics, he or she should immediately go to the doctor’s office.

This year has been the worst since 2010 in terms of flu-related illness cases.

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