A Paralyzed Stroke Victim Heard Doctors Discussing Whether To Donate His Organs, But Couldn’t Speak Out

Suffering a stroke is horrible and traumatic enough but going through what a man named Jimi Fritze did can only be described as monstrous. The 43-year-old man was visiting the Gothenburg archipelago in Sweden with his family when he suddenly had a stroke. Luckily, Mr. Fritze’s girlfriend is a nurse so she quickly noticed what was going on with him.

It took two hours to transport Mr. Fritze to the hospital by boat as an air ambulance couldn’t land on the island. When he finally got there doctors informed Fritze’s relatives that there was no chance to save him and started discussing donating his organs right by his hospital bed.

However, doctors didn’t actually realize that Fritze was actually awake and could hear everything they said. Fortunately, another doctor decided his case wasn’t hopeless and Fritze managed to make it through. He was given cortisone to bring down the swelling in his brain. It took three weeks before he was able to tell his relatives about the horror hearing the doctors’ conversation.

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One of the most serious conditions is “The stroke”. It can be deadly, because it affect different parts of the brain. The strokes usually cut of the supply of blood for a particular part of the brain.

As soon as he got better he took legal action against the hospital for discussing donating his organs before he was brain dead thus causing him additional stress.

The hospital’s spokeperson said that they are cooperating with the investigators to get to the bottom of what exactly happened and the hospital can’t make an official statement.

H/T – DailyMail

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