Woman Told Cops Her Mom Is Dying And Called 911 That She Was Assaulted To Avoid Speeding Ticket

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Let me tell you a story about a real-life situation that happened on Sunrise Highway which might give you some food for thought and show you exactly what you shouldn’t be trying to do if you don’t want to end up in jail! So here is the story:

At 2 am a woman decided to escape the long hand of the law. While driving on the highway she was pulled over for speeding by a policeman on duty. That’s the worst nightmare come true. The woman had no intentions of giving away her hard earned cash by paying a ticket. So, she quickly came up with a nifty plan that would save her from the tough situation.

Right after being pulled over by the policeman she came up with an astonishing tale right there on the spot!

She told the cop that her mother was in the hospital and dying! That was her excuse for speeding.
Of course, the officer didn’t fully believe the story and had to prove it himself. That’s why told the woman to drive to the hospital and he was going to escort her just to make sure that the tale was actually legit.

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That’s when the woman grabbed her phone and called 911, claiming to be an assault victim who was dumped on the same highway that she was, hoping that the trailing officer will get called away. But unfortunately this didn’t work at all (not that it’s surprising).

The cop pulled her over again and this time she was on her way to the warm jail cell, facing charges AND the good ol’ ticket.

What is the moral of the story?

Don’t try to be clever because worse will ultimately become worst. Although if your fighting spirit is high and you’d never give up your cash away for a slimy speeding ticket here is the best option you have:

1. Just don’t drive fast. Driving fast won’t get you anywhere. In best case scenario you’ll be 5 minutes earlier at home. But is it worth it? The car accident mortality rate is going up every year. Drive responsibly, spare yourself a ticket and save your own life. Believe me. And you’ll still get to watch your favorite game\show and enjoy that long, refreshing shower!

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