A phone battery, which can last an entire week? Is it possible?

Yes, it is! We’re actually closer to seeing a smartphone battery, which can last up to a week – sounds like a dream come true, isn’t it?

Image Source: METRO
Image Source: METRO

Well, it wouldn’t be a dream for long!

According to official reports, a company named Intelligent Energy, has partnered up with some unnamed smartphone manufacturer. The company managed to create a battery that lasts up to an entire week for an iPhone prototype and all their tests came back outstanding. So, what did they really do?

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Intelligent Energy created a fuel cell that worked correctly on an iPhone. The cell was used as a substitute for a phone charger as it burns hydrogen and oxygen and produces energy. The cell in question was the very first prototype that was small enough to fit inside an iPhone 6 and to be used inside the phone instead of an additional device like a power bank. The company claims that the test they carried out show that the tiny cell worked perfectly and that it could be placed inside other smartphones as well. This means that if the phone manufacturer, which teamed up with Intelligent Energy, starts producing smartphones with such fuel cells inside them, we wouldn’t need to charge our smartphones on daily basis anymore.

Imagine if you didn’t have to worry about your phone battery’s life anymore and you wouldn’t need to charge it for an entire week. Thanks to Intelligent Energy’s groundbreaking invention in the form of a tiny fuel cell we’re now getting closer to solving the problem with the constant need to recharge our phones! Sadly, the company is still keeping their partnership with the unnamed manufacturer a secret, so we can’t know for sure when these new battery fuel cells will be available on the market.

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