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A Pizza Shop Is Helping Local Shelter By Putting Pics Of Dogs On Their Boxes To Help Adoption

Image Source: WKBW

After reading the headline, some of you could assume that a pizza place has decided to help a local dog shelter by feeding the canines with pizzas. That would be appreciated, we guess, but the best way to help a shelter would be to find a way to have their dogs adopted as soon as possible. This is exactly what a Just Pizza & Wing Co. franchisee did! Since most rescue organizations are forced to find all sources of ways to find new forever homes for their dogs and cats, they know that joining forces with volunteers or other businesses is often the best route to follow. Niagara SPCA was able to come up with an amazing idea with the help of the awesome people at the pizza shop mentioned above. The Amherst locals supported the idea as well. It did not take much for the idea to become a real thing, too: all it was needed was enough flyers containing images of rescue dogs that were waiting to be adopted. The flyers were then attached to pizza boxes, and, presto, the magic is done! The images below show how the campaign went and what the people who saw it had to say about it. The idea is the best thing we have seen all week! It proves that people are capable of brilliant things when they come together and work for a great cause.

1. Here is how it all began

Image Source: Facebook

This was the announcement Niagara SPCA shared on Facebook. They were super excited about the project and asked everyone to look for the special boxes with the flyers that were going to be delivered over a weekend. You can feel just how thrilled they were about the chance they were going to give the dogs.

2. There was another surprise, too

Image Source: Facebook

The Facebook post announcing the campaign got an update. It appears that the awesome people at the pizza place decided not only to help with the flyers but also to encourage those who were willing to give some of the dogs a new home: they offered them vouchers worth $50 each. This is the best: you get to have a new furry friend and get $50 worth of pizza at the same time!

3. The owner of the pizza place is an animal lover

Image Source: WKBW

Mary Alloy, the owner of the pizza shop, was a volunteer at the shelter, and she often saw how the dogs were eagerly anticipating to meet their humans and to feel loved again. She knew she had to help and this is when this amazing idea came to life. The image above shows how the boxes look like.

4. The love for the rescue dogs made all of this happen for real

Image Source: WKBW

Kimberly LaRussa, the shelter coordinator, teamed up with Mary Alloy, and they immediately realized that putting the flyers on the pizza boxes was the simplest and most cost-effective solution to the problem the shelter had. It combined direct action and a marketing campaign, which is brilliant. You can see that dogs like the one pictured here needed all the help they could get.

5. The campaign was a massive success

Image Source: WKBW

The super cute dogs posed for pictures and the flyers were as informative as possible. The campaign was a huge success and both the shelter and the pizza shop received a lot of positive feedback about the wholesome thing they did. These are some of the best pizza boxes we could imagine seeing!

6. The people had something to say about the campaign

Image Source: Facebook

Everyone was thrilled to see this campaign happen. The flyers encouraged everyone to share the dogs on Facebook, and many people did. Many users online, like this person here., expressed their hopes for every single dog to find a new home.

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7. There were some suggestions from people

Image Source: Facebook

Seeing how this campaign made an impact, some of the people who commented on it had the idea of involving other businesses and we think it is awesome to see such activity. Many other types of businesses could easily join a similar campaign.

8. These people know about marketing

Image Source: Facebook

As this user suggested, the people behind the whole thing sure do understand what it takes to be a successful marketer. It appears that having a great idea and making it happen does not take a huge budget or a big number of employees. It takes putting heart and soul in it first.

9. Others have done the same, apparently

Image Source: Facebook

As you can see, this person shared about a similar event that served the same cause. A pub used the surface of the beer cans they offered their customers and put the faces of local shelter dogs in order to help for their adoption. It is so cool to see it happen! People know how to be awesome and it shows.

10. Adopting is always a good idea

Image Source: Facebook

This person is right for making an important point. The pizza place did what they could do, but it is up to potential new owners to decided and have a dog adopted. We hope many people decided to take a canine home after seeing these flyers.

11. This woman shared how she helped strays

Image Source: Facebook

Some people have a campaign of their own, and it seems this woman is a volunteer every day. She feeds homeless and neighborhood dogs and she is even considering adopting a canine which is awesome.

12. Hooch is waiting to find his new home

Image Source: Facebook

The flyers are more than enough to present the campaign and the dogs involved. Just taking a look at Hooch makes us want to have him. We hope someone opened their heart for him.

13. Combining the love for dogs with pizza cravings is super cool

Image Source: WKBW

We guess that if a person is both a pizza lover and a dog person, then the person is someone who we deeply admire without even knowing them. This shared love is what made the campaign a success.

Written by Sven Miller

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