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After The Most Famous Dog In Bruges Passes Away People Are Sharing Photos Of Him Throughout The Years

Image Source: Twitter

Celebrities are sometimes born, not made, but we guess that Fidel’s case has a little bit of both scenarios incorporated.

Fidel, a sweet Labrador living in Bruges, Belgium is not among us anymore, but not before warming the hearts of thousands of people throughout his life. Although he is no longer among us, Fidel will be remembered as the most photographed canine in all of Belgium, and many locals and tourists contributed to making him a celebrity.

The fun part is that he didn’t do some kind of tricks or other stuff that famous dogs usually do. No, Fidel’s act was having a nap over the windowsill – all day, every day! Those who have walked along the Côté Canal B&B have definitely enjoyed seeing his cute face soaking up sun rays, and most of them took photos of him, too. Fidel loved his spot, as it gave him the chance to see everything that happened in the perimeter, not to mention that it allowed him to enjoy the weather regardless of the season.

As it turned out, people from all over the world took pictures of Fidel, and they shared them online under a tweet dedicated especially to him. If you have been to Bruges and you have seen and photographed Fidel yourself, you are welcome to share the picture in the comments below.

1. Here is how it all started

Image Source: Twitter

One tweet started the heartwarming thread about Fidel. A user named Amy shared her picture of him, and the tweet went viral. People liked it and retweeted it, but they also shared their own images of the cute Labrador.

2. This is one of Amy’s pictures of Fidel

Image Source: Twitter

As you can see, the dog is clearly enjoying his favorite spot. He used to hang out on the windowsill all day long, which is why the owners made him comfortable by providing him with something to nap on.

3. Fidel looks like he is where he belongs in this image

Image Source: Twitter

It is not unusual for dogs to peek out the window or even nap in the windowsill, but Fidel brings a new level to this type of activity. He looks like a vital part of the landscape, and people appreciated that!

4. Many people never got the chance to see him in person

Image Source: Twitter

It seems that Fidel was a celebrity in Bruges, but mostly those who have visited the town were aware of his existence. Of course, locals loved him because he brought smiles to everyone who happened to pass by his place.

5. Fidel left this world four years ago

Image Source: Twitter

Nothing good lasts forever, and Fidel’s windowsill was left empty four years ago. The Labrador is not among us since 2016. He was 12 years old, most of which was spent on that exact same spot.

6. it seems that many people remember Fidel

Image Source: Twitter

After Amy’s post, people started sharing images of Fidel they have in their archives. It was interesting to see him in different stages of his life on that same windowsill. He aged gracefully and he lived his best life.

7. This is Fidel from a different angle

Image Source: Twitter

The good thing about all those images of Fidel people shared is that it shows the same dog from many different perspectives. It also captured him in different moods, too. One time he is sleeping and in the next image, he is curiously looking around.

8. This is Fidel 11 years ago

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Image Source: Twitter

It appears that people still cherish the memory of seeing the sweet dog. This is a photo one user shared that we really like. It shows Fidel on his lookout spot, and he appears to be focused on something.

9. Here is how good Fidel looked from afar

Image Source: Twitter

Sometimes you see a picture and you fall in love with it. We fell in love with this one! As you can see, the picture is a piece of art. It almost looks like a painting, and Fidel is the best part about it, of course. We wish we knew about him earlier, so we could see him in person.

10. Fidel looks super comfortable on that windowsill

Image Source: Twitter

They say that everyone needs to find their favorite spot or at least what they are good at. Fidel found them both, it appears. There is no doubt that he looks like he is exactly where he belongs, which is why seeing him brings a great vibe, we guess.

11. Some people were touched by all the pictures

Image Source: Twitter

It seems that those who have never seen Fidel were really touched by the story about him. Seeing all the images of the Labrador people took over the years was more than enough for some users to express their feelings.

12. Other users were really sad about the loss

Image Source: Twitter

Fidel was such an important part of the community that even tourists missed him when he was no longer on that windowsill. This person remembered how he and his wife looked towards the spot where he used to be but did not see him, so they knew that he would never stand there and it made them really sad.

13. This user shared a similar image of another dog

Image Source: Twitter

It appears that Fidel was not the only dog with love for looking out the window. This user shared a beautiful image of another canine that was enjoying the view while standing on the windowsill.

14. Fidel was a gorgeous dog

Image Source: Twitter

Sometimes the unexpected portraits turn out great, and this image proves it. Fidel was probably not expecting to see someone taking an image when he looked to his right and this image was taken. It looks as if he posed for it.

15. The dog will be missed

Image Source: Twitter

Even if the owners of Fidel decide to get another dog, it would probably never behave like Fidel, so that windowsill would likely remain empty, which is a shame, really. Bruges will never be the same without the sweet doggo.

Written by Sven Miller

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