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17 Teachers Who Introduced Social Distance In Their Classrooms In The Best Way

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Needless to say, social distancing is hard when you need to keep two dozens of kids in a single classroom for a whole day. It sounds like a mission impossible but it turns out it is perfectly doable! It appears that creativity and inspiration are all a person needs to achieve it. This list is full of clever teachers’ wonderful ways of ensuring social distancing is possible in class.

1. The Jeep desks

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Here is one simple yet effective way of making students want to keep their distance instead of making them do it. This desk makeover is amazing and we think the teacher who came up with it needs a raise.

2. The Song Dynasty hats

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A clever Chinese teacher was inspired by the hats used in the 13th century to prevent gossip and realized the design is perfect for maintaining social distance in class. The result is awesome.

3. The interactive classroom

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This classroom was completely redesigned and looks more like an interactive obstacle course than any other classroom we have seen so far. We guess the changes had the desired effect.

4. The substitutes

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Teachers miss their students and they must have felt sad their classrooms were empty. Online teaching is not the same, and this teacher found a beautiful way to fill her classroom after everyone picked their desks.

5. The stands

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These wooden stands for keeping the Plexiglas screens secure are awesome, as they are not affecting the joyful presence of the classroom in any way but still do their job.

6. The space

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Sometimes, the most wonderful ideas are the simplest of all. This is one really good proof of that: the bright colors and the space between each seat were all it takes to make the kids feel great at school.

7. The mats

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Talking about simple ideas, these yoga mats were probably the most affordable way of keeping social distance. Placing them instead of desks at a good distance is all it would take.

8. The happy place

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Kids love classrooms filled with good mood and joy. Having tons of interesting things and bright colors is all it takes, really. This classroom is the epitome of a happy place despite social distancing.

9. The kindergarten

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Image Source: Twitter

Here is another brilliant way to show how one teacher’s dedication is the main driving force behind the best solution to keeping social distance in a classroom full of kids.

10. The book covers

Image Source: Mrsksmunchkins

This is one unconventional idea that happened to be a great solution. These stretchable book covers are all this teacher needed to cover the chairs in her classroom, ensuring the kids were protected.

11. The spaces

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Kids love their possessions and they keep them safe, too. This is why this teacher thought that giving them some personal space would mean they would guard is as if it was their property, thus keep their distance.

12. The reorganization

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Teachers were well aware they would need to make something with their classrooms’ interior organization to keep up with the new standards. As you can see, this teacher did her best to keep the kids safe.

13. The DIY

Image Source: Instagram

DIY projects are always fun and this teacher thought that a DIY project would solve the social distancing matter. Some tubing, stretch foil, and duct tape was everything that this project required.

14. The high school classrooms

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Here is one proof that every effort counts! These teachers put in many hours of hard work to redesign their classrooms and make sure social distancing is possible inside them.

15. The chair pockets

Image Source: Curious

Here is another brilliant but simple idea that just might work as expected. If everyone uses these pockets attached to their chairs, contact will be reduced to the bare minimum.

16. The book boats

Image Source: Twitter

Here is something extremely cute that we just had to include on this list! These containers were turned into book boats separated a few feet apart to keep social distancing and it is a cool idea!

17. The beach theme

Image Source: Facebook

There is nothing like having the feeling you are chilling at the beach while you really are in the middle of the classroom. You can see that this teacher took care of that.

Written by Sven Miller

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