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A Taiwanese Elderly Couple Is Wearing Clothes People Forgot At Their Shop (13 Pics)

Image Source: Instagram

There are many extraordinary things but some are worth mentioning. The pictures below reveal a story that you can never see again because it is really extraordinary. 84-year-old Sho-Er and her husband, 83-year-old Wan-Ji own a laundry shop in Taiwan. People often leave clothes there simply because they forget to pick them up or fail to pay for the service. Instead of being angry, the cute couple showed their young spirits and started dressing up using those clothes. They now have an Instagram account and we cannot get enough of them!

Image Source: Instagram

1. The decade-old clothes

Image Source: Instagram

Some of the clothes left in the shop have been there for years. We guess that many people leave their clothes there and there must be a really big storage room for all the outfits the couple decided to keep.

2. The attitude

Image Source: Instagram

They say that you are is just a number and you need to act as if you are much younger than your actual age, too. We agree with that. Just look at these happy people and their way of saying “We are still young”.

3. The poses

Image Source: Instagram

There is no wonder that the lovely couple now has more than 170,000 followers on Instagram. Everyone would love to see something as fresh as these elderly people after a long day at work.

4. The style

Image Source: Instagram

The different styles the couple chooses for their photos are dictated mainly by the clothes they have at their disposal. It seems that regardless of what they put on, they still look as cool as ever!

5. The look

Image Source: Instagram

The look these two love birds have is immaculate but we mean another thing here: the way they look at each other. After decades of marriage, this couple has managed to cherish the most precious thing we know – love.

6. The way of life

Image Source: Instagram

We love it when people are not afraid to do their thing. Many among us live by someone else’s standards and rules instead of being genuine. This is not living; doing what you love without trying to please everyone is the way to go!

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7. The smiles

Image Source: Instagram

Seeing these people smile like that makes us wonder how they managed to keep their spirits high and remain young inside. This is the kind of art that not everyone is capable of mastering and we wish we are like that in our 80s.

8. The confidence

Image Source: Instagram

This is how every 83-year-old man should behave: you can see how confident this man is and his smile tells us that he is more than happy to be where he is. People who can say that they lived a happy life are the luckiest among us.

9. The retro-look

Image Source: Instagram

This has nothing to do with the couple’s age but they look really good when they pose with retro clothes. As you can see here, their matching outfits look dreamy and the couple seems to enjoy them as well.

10. The tourists

Image Source: Instagram

Imagine walking around the historic center of some European city and seeing these people: you would probably like their appearance and the fact that they came from the other side of the world. The couple looks super-fresh for their age.

11. The awesome glasses

Image Source: Instagram

The styling of a person involves a number of details and accessories. This image shows what we mean: the couple not only wears specific clothes but they use accessories such as hats and glasses, too.

12. The fresh outfits

Image Source: Instagram

People pay a lot of attention to their clothing but the most important thing for any outfit is the way it matches your partner’s appearance. This couple seems to be aware of that because they always look incredible together.

13. The modern style

Image Source: Instagram

Here is yet another proof of just how young people can look while in their mid-80s. We love how genuine these people are and how they turned something most people would accept as a burden into an advertisement for their laundry shop.

Written by Sven Miller

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