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A Teacher Took $800 Out Of His Family’s Holiday Budget To Buy A Poor Student Clothes

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These days, if a male teacher texts his wife about taking money from a holiday fund in order to give it to a student, you might assume the worst.

The news is full of depressing things, and there are a lot of terrible people out there just waiting to do awful things. I know it is important to follow the news in this day and age, but I really don’t want to do so. Like many of you out there, I just want to use the internet to look at pictures of puppies, kittens, and other baby animals. The internet often bums me out, and who wants to be depressed?

Fortunately, in this case, everything was completely fine. In fact, it was better than fine. This story involves a great teacher, a loving and understanding wife, and a student in need.

Here are images of screenshots and such that tell the whole story. You’ll probably feel better after reading this one—unless you read my comments.

1. The One About the 800 Dollars

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First of all, it is cool that a teacher managed to save up $800 bucks for a trip. I guess teachers are better paid than I thought.

Then again, I once saw the paystub of a woman who had been teaching for a decade or so. They’re not paid so well at first, but the raises come pretty quickly. That is the case in the United States anyway.

In the state where I live, teachers make an average of more than $55,000. You can’t buy a mansion with that, but you can afford a fairly decent home. If you’re an administrator, you can make $100,000 a year or more. It is hard work, true, and you have to deal with children—and their parents. There are worse jobs, though. Some people are paid a whole heck of a lot less to clean toilets.

From what I hear, dealing with the parents is often worse than dealing with the students.

2. The Beginning of the Story, As Well As the Soulmate Thing

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This actually came before the message about the missing $800 dollars. It kind of warms my heart to think that people still believe in soulmates, and that both people in the couple are actually good people.

I do not believe in soulmates myself, and I just assume most people I meet are secretly awful. Even the people I went to university with have proven time and time again that they are total jerks. I could talk trash on so many people—myself included—but I am going to take the high road.

I basically only know about nine decent people who aren’t completely and totally self-absorbed; I am, sadly, not one of those people. I am obsessed with myself while simultaneously loathing myself. There is a weird dichotomy thing going on in my head that no amount of therapy could ever cure.

Even my dog is self-absorbed. I guess I shouldn’t expect more from a terrier. They sort of live to be pampered. Once they stopped hunting rodents, their entire purpose became being fussed over; I knew what I was getting into, frankly, so I put up with his merely tolerating my presence and being obnoxious when he wants something. Growing up with the friends I did trained me for such a human-pet relationship.

3. The One About the Job and the Bills

Image Source: Imgur
Image Source: Imgur

If one of your students attends class wearing the same darn thing every single day, you should probably be concerned. I have not been trained as a teacher, but that sort of seems like an issue that should be addressed.

You have to give the kid credit for working, though, although I can’t imagine he makes very much if he also goes to school. He is basically supporting his grandfather, and that’s sad. Don’t get me wrong—I find the whole thing super sweet—but no kid in high school should have to support his grandfather. I’m not blaming the grandfather, of course; don’t get me wrong there. Life just kind of sucks once in a while.

4. The One About the Clothing and the Groceries

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This one might make you tear up a bit. The kid needs clothes, and the grandpa need groceries. It astounds me that no one noticed that until the teacher stepped in. There are a lot of people out there who have way more than they need who wouldn’t have lifted a single finger to help those two out.

This teacher is one of the good ones. That is the kind of person you want teaching your children.

I understand that the whole national and global economy is a pretty tricky matter. For example, I don’t really understand why fuel for a car costs so much one month and then costs significantly less four months later. I also don’t understand why fuel costs so much more in Europe than it does in the United States. I could speculate until the end of the day, but I am in no position to change anything—why bother speculating?

I do think, though, that people with more should give a little more to the people with less. I don’t think they should be forced to necessarily, but they should.

5. The One About the Christmas Invitation

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I really love this one. What a great wife.

test ad

When it comes to the holidays, you should always have room for two more. If there are a couple of people you know well enough who are down on their luck and celebrate Christmas, you should always invite them over for Christmas.

We just celebrated Thanksgiving here in the United States, and I know a couple of people who had to spend it alone, which depressed me. I didn’t know about it until I talked to them the day after the holiday. I should have perhaps checked in with them prior to the holiday, and that is on me. You just sort of assume your friends and relatives are okay unless they tell you that they are not; then again, checking in on your friends too often makes you a smothering individual. No one really likes that.

One of the people who I am sorry I didn’t reach out to prior to Thanksgiving was a guy who is ninety. I kind of assumed his older sister was still alive—which was dumb on my part—and he spent it with her. He apparently did not, because she has passed. He kind of suggested she was still alive a few months back and I believed him, which was also dumb on my part.

He would have been welcome to join my family for our festivities, which were pretty fun. At the very least, the food was good, and we certainly would have driven him to the restaurant.

According to him, he didn’t do anything of substance on Thanksgiving. He ate food he had around the house, which is a pretty depressing way to spend what might be your last Thanksgiving.

6. The Social Media Post About the Random Adoptions

Image Source: Imgur

Unsurprisingly, this story kind of went viral, so there are many social media posts. Apparently, jcal4106’s parents randomly adopted a bunch of kids over the years. I think that’s sweet. At a certain point, a kid needs pretty much any responsible, kind adult to make sure they don’t starve and have a way to get to school.

If I had a bunch of money and was in good health, I would certainly consider adopting a teenager. Then again, I am pretty lazy—and the paperwork sounds like a real chore. I would buy that teenager a video game system, though! I don’t know about taking him or her to the doctor; that sounds like a bit much.

7. The Social Media Post About Wanting To Be a Couple

Image Source: Imgur

I do think it is sweet that the person who posted this wants to find a person with whom to make a great couple. That’s important. I’m not one of those “soulmate” types, but I do think life is easier when you have a partner. It also eventually makes life a lot harder. As they age, people tend to get sick. Once you hit about eighty, the whole thing rarely works out for the best.

Still, I like to think to think there is a lovely young-ish woman out there who will make all of this life stuff worth it for me. I doubt it, though; I have never been one of those lucky people. I am one of those people where people hopefully think “okay, well, it didn’t turn out to be totally crappy for him” at the end of my life.

I am okay with that, I guess. It isn’t the best, but it is not the worst. Frankly, you have to take what you can get.

At times, you really do have to settle for things being “not the worst outcome”. If you can settle for that, you will probably be a lot more content in the long run.

8. The Post About the Cost of Goods

Image Source: Imgur

This post is entirely correct. Just a month of groceries alone, even if purchased at a supermarket and not at a convenience store, could cost several hundreds of dollars. Fresh vegetables for a single week will likely cost you $60, and you kind of need them if you want to get the vitamins you need to actually survive.

Clothing is remarkably expensive. In the United States, $800 does not go as far as you would think. A pair of cheap shoes will cost you at least $20. A pair of jeans will also cost you about $20. A good coat can cost well over $100.

The US dollar, sadly, just does not stretch as far as it used to. Even a cheap video game system will cost you about $200, and every kid should have a video game system at the holidays.

9. The Post About James

Image Source: Imgur

The teacher is named James, and I agree that he is a keeper. The person who is his partner in life is clearly blessed. You rarely meet a person with whom you are compatible—who is also a nice person. There just aren’t that many nice people out there. Sad, of course, but true.

In my experience, most of the people you meet—those to whom you are even remotely attracted—are just the worst. They are clever for about ten minutes; you then get bored. About twenty minutes into the conversation, you realize that person is awful. Thirty minutes in, you are looking for a way to get the heck out of there. You end up doing so after about an hour while she is peeing in the restroom.

10. The One About How There Will Always Be Good People

Image Source: Imgur

This is where, in my opinion, the narrative sort of breaks down a bit. Someone named MFDork actually thinks there will always be good people, which just seems a bit naïve to me.

In my opinion, there will always be terrible people, and there will be the exceptions that make the misanthropes have to admit they are wrong once in a while.

I honestly can’t think of more than a dozen people I know who I would actually consider nice and good. My parents love me, but they are sort of required to do so. My dog loves me because I feed him once in a while. My friends love me because I provide them with entertainment when there is nothing on television and they have nothing better to do.
Will there always be good people? Were there ever?

Written by Kevin Barrett

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