A UK Company Is Making Cardboard Trucks, Tanks And Planes For Cats And Their World Domination

Attention all cat-lovers! I have an exciting idea for the perfect present for your feline companion.

Many believe that cats are very cunning little creatures but what they don’t know is how intelligent they really are! These adorable balls of fluff are some of the most manipulative animals in the world and they are working on their master plan of world domination. Newly uncovered evidence shows them handling weapons of mass destruction as well as a wide variety of high-tech equipment. Unfortunately for us, the cats look even more irresistible while in their tank suits and thus we are left helpless against these beautiful little critters.

The main manufacturer of the cat-astrophic toy-weapons is a company called Suck UK, one of the leading companies in it’s trade. In fact, they don’t just make cat toys, they make all kinds of products but today we’re focused on the feline side of things. Now, let’s keep enjoying the pictures of these furry villains.

1. Fire Truck

If you’ve ever wanted to see your cat as a frefighter(which I know you have), now is the time. The company has fast and free shipping around the globe and has been referred to as “one of the best” for years. You can see why on the picture below.

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2. Tanks And Cars

Apart from you average civil-servant vehicles, the company also makes laptops, tanks, regular vehicles and even airplanes. With such a wide variety of choice, you’re sure to find something to fit your taste (and that of your cat).

4. Scratching DJ Deck

One of the best interactive toys is the scratching DJ Deck. This is every cat favorite one, because we all know how important is for our little friends to scratch something.

Each item is made from cardboard and is pet-friendly. The material also allows each toy to be easily stored, moved and assembled at any time or place.The best thing about cardboard cat toys is, of course, the price, with items usually around 20 pounds.


Written by Jacob August

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