This Brave Father Grabbed His Gun And Chases Gang Who Tried To Abduct His Daughter


You don’t mess with a young lady’s father. Especially in Florida.

The girl was on her way out, but found her path had been blocked. Amber did the right thing and didn’t exit the car, but instead started to honk the car’s horn. At this point the group of boys, who were waiting for her to get out of the car, realized their plan was kaput, so they rushed towards the car and tried to get her out themselves. Terry, upon realizing his daughter is in some kind of danger, got his gun and sprinted like never before to rescue her.

He ran out the door and saw the band of young man, trying to force their way into his daughter’s car, as she was screaming inside. Terry opened fire which quickly delivered the message of “don’t touch my daughter”. The boys scattered like sand in the wind.

The Brave Father(left) and Keilon Johnson, 19, (right)

A Floridian has been lionized for confronting a group of youngsters, who tried to take his daughter by force (Amber Brackney – in the picture)

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As Amber was screaming in her car and the group of boys were trying to get her out by force, her dad stormed out the door, armed and ready for action.

A speaker of the County Sheruff’s Office states that Mr. Brackney lawfully fired his gun, resulting in the group fleeing to the nearby woods.

Terry Brackney later found out that a part of his security system was compromised – probably a preparation for a second attempt on his property, or on his daughter.
It was actually a neighbor who called the police, after witnessing the boys’ vehicle fleeing from the crime scene. The authorities managed to intercept and stop their car on Highway 4.
After a thorough search, in the boys’ car the police found weapons – two guns and a knife and a tape roll.

The four young males, being, pulled over by the police, shortly after Brackney’s neighbor reported their escape.

As Amber, 17, was leaving her house in her car, she realized that the driveway, leading to the street, had been blocked.

A representative from the Sheriff’s Office stated that the group’s probable goal was to incapacitate Amber Brackney (they blocked her path, but she kept driving around the blockage). The end-goal of the assault was to enter the premises, attack and then subdue Mr. Brackney and rob the house, since they knew the family to be well-off ( the house’s current value sits at $400,000). The Brackney family owns a successful Funeral Service.

Currently the four members of the band are facing two very serious charges: an attempt at kidnapping Amber Brackney and an attempt at home invasion and robbery. Since only Johnson ( out of the four defendants) is of legal age, he is the only one currently at Okaloosa County Jail. The other three boys currently reside in a Juvenile Justice facility.

Written by George Angel

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