According To Scientists Couple Who Fart Together Will Be Together Longer

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Love is about intimacy and intimacy is about trust. Letting yourself be whoever you may be in front of your loved one. Tully. Fully. Completely. It’s also about accepting the person you’ve chosen to be with with all of their quirks, all of their bad habits, all of their… farts.

Yeah – turns out, the average amount of time it takes couples to start farting in front of one another is around six months for people over 24 and 3 months for younger couples (because they’re more chill or something). Or so ‘the newest’ research (that includes data from the dating website eHarmony) suggests.

eHarmony made a massive inquiry among 1000 of the site’s Australian clients on that gasy subject. The questionnaire included questions about all the main events and plot points that a typical relationship has – from the awkward first kiss, to the much more awkward first gas, released between you.

Now, as I said before, those on the younger side (under 24) proved to find bodily functions far less problematic and indeed most of them admitted they were happy to be feel free to fart around their loved ones.

Here’s a curious little detail – it takes roughly the half the amount of time before you utter the words “I love you” to your loved one as it takes to feel comfortable to fart around them. Men, as per usual, are quicker on both of those fronts.

This curious study’s has another interesting finding. As established before, couples wait roughly six months before they feel fine farting around you, but it takes them twice as much (up to a year), in order to have a toothbrush in their spouse’s home.

How about crying? This study estimates that around six months are needed before the partners feel alright about being vulnerable in each other’s presence and actually cry. (chopping onions doesn’t count). Of course – it takes more time for the boys to get there. As for the dames, they don’t feel alright showing their faces without makeup on for at least two months into the relationship.

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As the relationships get more and more serious (now that we took care of farting), 45 per cent of them go for an engagement in roughly one year. What is even more shocking (to me) is that 51 per cent of everybody interviewed, start picking up a date for the wedding in under one year. And after that’s been taken care of, the tryouts for babies start within the year next.

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While we’re still in the bracket of 12 months – that’s how much time it takes for a solid 45 per cent of all newlyweds to buy a home together and/or to setup a family bank account.

Yes – you could say that things move quickly in the land down under. Based on that research, from the day a couple decides they’re officially together, it takes 13 per cent of them to enter the engagement in under half an year. During that same six months, another 15 per cent will move in together and/or get a pet.  In less than three months more than half of them will introduce their partner to a circle of friends and after three more – it’s time to introduce each other to their families.

But they can’t be all good and well, right? Some relationship just don’t work. So, you dump or get dump and then? Well – start over again, of course. The study shows that more than half Australians (67 per cent) need less than 12 months in order to pick themselves up and get back in the dating game, stronger than before.

Of course – men are quicker in getting back on their feet (or at least 72 per cent of them are). 63 per cent of all ladies are back on track in under a year. And millennials need even less that that – more than 30 per cent of them re-emerge on the dancing scene in less than one month.

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