The Epic Response Of This Man To A Racist Woman At The Airport Went Viral

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Racism is far more than calling people names emphasizing on their skin color. It has more to do with one’s attitude towards people with different skin color and presuming that all individuals with a certain skin color are the same. I’ve witnessed many people do it, and they realize it only after you bring their attention back to what they’ve said. Yes a lot of people say something racist without even meaning it, but this I believe is not the case with the woman you’ll read about in the lines below.

This story is based on Mr. Emmit Eclass Walker’s facebook post from two days ago, describing a woman’s racist comment towards him, and how he answered her properly and with a pinch of humor.

Emmit was at Ronald Reagan Washington Airport, and was waiting in line to board a flight to the Dominican Republic. He was in the priority boarding line, when he was approached by a blond woman who obviously couldn’t believe that an African American could afford a first class ticket, and is in the wrong line getting in her way. Even though she was told that this is not the case, she insisted that she has paid her ticket and should move in front of him.

Answering jokingly with “I’m just a n***a with money” he finally managed to shut her up, he then took a selfie of himself, and the lady in the background and captioned it “This lady is funny lmao”. It is like the woman had a sixth sense telling her she is about to go viral, and she was looking down at the moment the picture was captured. Below the picture Mr. Walker included the verbal exchange he had with this lady.

It began with the lady approaching him and telling him that this was the line for priority boarding, and he has taken a place in the wrong line, so he had to let her through. Still not completely realizing what the lady wants to say, Emmit asked her if priority boarding means first class. She confirmed, and urged him to move away so she could pass, and assured him that he would be called in to board right after she and the other first class passengers have boarded. Emmit showed her his first class flight ticket, and asked her to wait in line, since he has been there before her.

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This was the point that the lady should’ve realized how inadequately she is behaving, and cease any further profanity, it would’ve been OK I guess, everybody can make a mistake. But she just wouldn’t let it go, and while thinking over the situation out loud, she assumed that Emmit must a military or something, and that his first class ticket is paid by the government. So she insisted that she should go in front of him, because she “actually paid” for her ticket.
This is where Emmit nailed her, saying that he is way out of shape to be a military and he is just a “n***a with money”. At that point the nearby people started cheering him.

We can only applaud him for his calm and ironic response to this woman who is obviously living in an alternative world of her own. At this time this article is being written Emmit’s post has millions of views, some 654K reactions and almost 240K shares. Some people are paying big money for getting such an attention to their publications. Emmit managed to do it, by just playing it cool, kudos to that.

Checking Mr. Walker’s Facebook page we find out that he is a successful businessman, a vice-president of Gudda Musik Recording Studio, based in Washington DC. He is also a graduate Cheyney University of Pennsylvania, specializing in Mathematics which is quite impressive for anyone who had to deal with maths in the university.

This serves to show that one can not presume a person to be inferior just by the skin color. In fact it is quite possible that Emmit’s education and income are above those of the blond lady that made this viral trend possible.
Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Emmit Eclass Walker is currently a resident of Washington DC. On that faithful day he was about to board a flight to the Dominican Republic where he planned to celebrate his birthday (which was yesterday by the way, so let’s wish him happy birthday).

Editor’s note:

He has booked a private villa and a personal chef to make his stay really special with on demand meals.
We can be sure that he had a great birthday party. And we, the staff of WTF Facts wish him luck, success and good health, and many new viral posts, hopefully having nothing to do with racism anymore.

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