A Florida Man Was Sentenced To 15 Years In Jail For Leaving Bacon In Front Of A Mosque On Purpose

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A strange act of crime, was followed by rather serious sentence this year.

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A Florida man, by the name of Michael Wolfe, age 37 went to a mosque in Titusville, Florida (near the famous Cape Canaveral) but not with the intentions to pray. Instead, he vandalized the temple exteriors and interiors (he broke in) and then on his way out, he placed some raw bacon on the doorsteps. Needless to say, it was considered a hate crime and because of that his sentence was set to the lengthy stretch of 15 years in jail.

Faced with the possibility of an even steeper sentence, Mr. Wolfe faced the judge on Tuesday and pleaded guilty to the charge of ‘criminal mischief’. Given the fact that mosques are protected as religious temples, Wolfe’s shenanigans fall into the category of hate crimes, said the spokesman for the district.

Most of the deeming evidence was in the form of a video material, collected from a near-by surveillance camera that night. It showed what appears to be a male with a cleanly shaved head (Michael Wolfe later acknowledged it was him), dressed in what seems to be camouflage attire and armed with a machete. The video showed the man entering the temple and using the weapon to break the mosque’s windows and lights.

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The Entrance Of Their Yard

It’s a common knowledge that the Muslim’s dietary plans (and all other aspects of their existence) are a matter of Devine law and since Islam prohibits Muslims from eating any form of pork meat, or its sub products (bacon included), most anti-Muslim hate groups (as well as a slew of random pranksters) are using this particular type of meat as means to desecrate Muslim temples, located in the U.S.

In cases such as this, prosecutors often contact CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) and rely on their expertise when it comes to sentencing a guilty party. After discussing the matter at hand, representatives from CAIR agreed with the court’s decision, regarding Mr. Wolfe’s sentence.

On Wednesday, in an official statement, a CAIR official by the name of Wilfredo Ruiz said that Florida’s Muslim population has been suffering this kind of hate crimes for a long time and acts such as those will no longer be tolerated under Florida law.

Islam is a religion like any other and as such, it’s protected by both federal and state laws. Regardless of that, a number of mosques and other institutions connected to Islam, have been vandalized, burned down and broken into, by people like Michael Wolfe and the various hate groups they are members of.

The CAIR official also added that sentencing Mr. Wolfe to additional time (*15 years) doing probation will do him good, in terms of societal reintegration and respect for basic religious rights.

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Written by George Angel

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