The ‘Detective Pikachu’ Movie Will Feature Ryan Reynolds As Pikachu Himself

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The recent years have been successful for Ryan Reynolds’ career as he managed to get some pretty good roles, but things are getting even more interesting for him, but you already know that, because you read the headline of this article.
You can be certain that the actor makes a huge turn from the controversial superhero Deadpool’s image and will apparently star in the live-action movie Detective Pikachu in the role of Pikachu. This must be great news for every individual who is both a Pokémon lover and a Reynolds fan, and there are probably a lot of people who support that combo.

The first non-animated Pokémon movie will also feature Justice Smith, who is known to appear in the Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom film, which is coming out soon, and Kathryn Newton, the Big Little Lies’ star.

The scarce information about the production suggests that Pikachu’s character will be visualized by motion capture, unlike the other characters, who will be humans like in any regular movie. It sounds like a very interesting concept and we are already eager to watch it.

The Detective Pikachu movie will be entirely based on the Pokémon game which shares the exact same name. The game was released in 2016 in Japan and its concept is basically this: players team up with a Pikachu that can communicate, and the goal is to solve some mysteries.

The information about the plot is not very much, either, but what is known is that the movie will likely begin with the father of Smith’s character being abducted, and that will be the reason for the teen to work together with Pikachu in order to find him. Newton’s role will be a loud-mouth journalist who will join them on the quest of finding the father.

It actually sounds interesting

The movie is scheduled to start producing in the middle of January next year on locations in London. Rob Letterman will take the director’s seat. He is known for directing the live-action Goosebumps movie.
It is very, very unlikely, to say the least, that you did not heard about Pikachu the lightning mouse until now. This is by far the most important and famous character among the Pokémon franchise for the past 20 years or so, and it has completely taken over the whole world since its release back in the 90s. This popularity has constantly been growing and the production we are telling you about is one of the new ways of positioning the franchise and expanding the fan numbers.

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Nintendo has managed to sell over a staggering 300 million copies of the videogame in the entire world under the Pokémon franchise, as well as billions of trading cards. It has become the subject of the animated series we have all seen, and they have been running for a long time, and all this combined was probably enough for the producers to consider that a full scale movie with the abovementioned concept would a total box office hit. Of course, nobody expects such a movie to win an Academy Award, but surely that was not one the goals behind the start of the production.

The reaction of the fans was a bit controversial. Most of them are disappointed and delighted at the same time by the choice of actors. One of the reasons is that they are very used to Danny DeVito’s grouchy voice, who has been doing the voice-over for the English version of Pikachu for a long time and he is clearly the fans’ favorite.

With the information about this upcoming movie and considering the last memorable Reynolds’ role, you can sure that Pikachu/Deadpool mash-up our coming our way for sure. You might even agree with the fans that cannot help but wonder how exactly will the Deadpool-style humor that Reynolds mastered will go along with Pikachu s friendly attitude and positive vibes, but I guess we will just have to wait and see for ourselves.

Nobody knows the exact way of how Reynolds will handle the electric powers of Pikachu in the Detective Pikachu movie, but we surely would like to see him performing just one Thundershock, and hopefully there is more of those.

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