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Apparently UPS Drivers Have A FB Group About Dogs They Meet On Duty And It Will Make Your Day

Image Source: Facebook

Some jobs offer a lot more than they are described to be! These benefits are often unexpected, and we are not talking about additional payment or other kinds of material bonuses. What we mean is the joy of doing what you do and being appreciated for it. We guess many UPS drivers feel this way because of the way they are greeted, and this is what the list below is about! You see, not only humans greet these men and women, but animals do it as well!

One of the drivers at UPS, Sean McCarren, decided that everyone should know about the wonderful aspects of this line of work, so he set up a Facebook page dedicated to the dogs and other pets that keep greeting UPS drivers on a daily basis. The page became super popular in a really short period of time, and there is no wonder about that. The content it features brings nothing but smiles and good vibes. All kinds of domestic animals are posted there by numerous UPS drivers. These relationships become the best moments of the UPS employees’ schedules, and this is just normal, as there is nothing that could bring a smile like a warm greeting from a furry friend.
This is honestly the best stuff you could find online!

1. The blind doggo

Image Source: Facebook

This is Rudy, who obviously likes greeting the UPS delivery driver. However, you couldn’t tell by looking at the photo, but Rudy is visually impaired, which is actually not a problem for him, because his senses are enough to lead him to the delivery truck. Rudy knows that there is a treat there, waiting for him, and this happens each and every time the driver pulls over.

2. The smiling canine

Image Source: Facebook

Here is what we had in mind when we said that encounters like these are able to put the biggest smile on your face in an instant! And this is just the effect of looking at the picture of the event! Imagine what such encounters feel like in person. It must be overwhelming every time it happens/

3. The Pasadena dog

Image Source: Facebook

This is not a bear, although it certainly looks like one. The fluffy goofball you see here is named Dave, and he lives in Pasadena. One of the best things about him is that he is incredibly calm, despite the fact that he looks kind of menacing. He waits patiently for his biscuit each time the UPS drives pulls over by his house.

4. The corgis

Image Source: Facebook

What could be better than to be greeted by a cute doggo just waiting for you to give it some love? Well, a bunch of them, of course! These happy corgis all live together and they seem to do everything together, including meeting the postman and the UPS driver. It almost looks as if the corgis are expecting a delivery!

5. Cupcake

Image Source: Facebook

There are dogs and then there’s Cupcake! This is by far one of the cutest puppies in existence! It is more than obvious that Cupcake is in love with the UPS driver, and we suspect that the feelings are mutual in this case.

6. The raccoon

Image Source: Facebook

As we mentioned earlier, there are all kinds of animals just waiting to say ‘hello’ to the mailman or the UPS driver. In this case, Bill the raccoon is the animal that greets everyone coming to his home. He looks really friendly and we like that!

7. The deer

Image Source: Facebook

Sometimes the encounters with animals that UPS drivers experience are bit more special than others. In this case, one of the lucky employees was able to hang out with a cute deer, and if this is not the best thing to do while working, we don’t know what is.

8. Elsa she sheep

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Image Source: Facebook

Well, calling Elsa a sheep is not exactly the right thing to do, despite the fact that she is a sheep, technically speaking. She is actually the dog of the house, and she definitely acts like one! It is no surprise at all, because we know that many animal are able to act just like a pet, and species like sheep, raccoons and many other different ones can be raised at home just like we raise cats and dogs, and that is super cool!

9. The doggo with the ball

Image Source: Facebook

It really seems that dogs are full of desire to play anytime and anywhere! As you can see, this doggo came prepared when the UPS driver pulled over. We are certain that this good boy knew that the driver would happily throw the ball for him, and chasing boredom out of a canine’s day is an admirable thing to do.

10. The goat

Image Source: Facebook

Being a UPS driver is not an easy job, despite that is seems this way. Sure enough, it is a straightforward thing to do, but there are a lot of circumstances that may vary along the way. In this case, the encounter with a goat was probably a big surprise for this driver. The good part is that someone was able to make arrangements for such encounters to be safe, hence the golf balls.

11. The checkout

Image Source: Facebook

It is always a good idea for a delivery man to check the parcel dropped at different addresses, but mistakes are always bound to happen. This puppy decided to assist the UPS driver with getting the packets out the van.

12. The new dog

Image Source: Facebook

Sometimes the UPS drivers who are used to going to the same addresses for years are surprised in the sweetest possible way by new family members. Those members are not always human, of course, and this puppy is the best addition to any family.

13. The toy

Image Source: Facebook

Here is another dog that loves welcoming the UPS driver with a toy in its mouth! Of course, the canine has no way of knowing that the driver is there to do business, because all that dogs care about is cuddles, playtime and treats!

14. Rocky rocks

Image Source: Facebook

This adorable dog is giving his best smile for his treat. We bet he couldn’t wait to see the UPS driver. The photo was taken in Boston MA and this cure boy’s name is Rocky.

15. Delta is so friendly and cute

Image Source: Facebook

Delta loves to greet her UPS man. Every single time she sees him, she runs up and greets him. The UPS drives always gives Delta a good rub when she greets him. The photo was taken in New Orleans, Louisiana.

16. Izzy just loves UPS

Image Source: Facebook

We don’t really have much info on that pic, but we all know that the cutie loves UPS. The photo was taken in Gettysburg, Pa.

Written by Sven Miller

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