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15 Movie and TV Parents Whose Behavior Is Unacceptable By Today’s Standards

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We have always liked how things change in over the course of a few decades in terms of people’s perception of this and that. There are many things that are considered possible and acceptable and then, just a decade later, it is something that is thought to be unacceptable for some reason! This is the case with parenting and family relations. While some things were thought to be normal ten or twenty years back, those same things would be a huge no-no today, and these Hollywood movies are the best proof of that!

1. Home Alone

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Well, no surprise here, right? The reasons why this couple is featured on such a list. First of all, they completely forgot about Kevin’s existence for too long! Second, the whole family took a lot of controversial decisions after it became apparent Kevin was left home alone.

2. Frozen

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This is yet another classic example of parenting done wrong, and this is definitely not the best example to teach kids, too. Anna and Elsa’s parents separated them from each other because of Elsa’s abilities. Instead of working with her and calming her down, they locked her away and made her feed her fear from herself. That is just wrong.

3. Stuart Little

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Now this is one example that most people would accept as abstract, but we guess it belongs to such a list. The two main characters, Eleanor and Frederick, decided to adopt Stuart, who was a mouse, and not take any of the kids at the establishment home. This is kind of weird, but it never happens in real life, of course.

4. Friends

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Parenthood was a topic that was discussed quite a lot in Friends, and the main figure involved was Ross, of course! However, numerous viewers have criticized Ross for being a bad father, mostly because Ben never stayed with him, and he preferred to go out and leave him to Monica instead of having him stay at his home.

5. Pretty Little Liars

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Well, this show was definitely going to find a place on this list soon or later. When it comes to the topic, each and every one of the parent characters are guilty as charged! Based on the things that happened in the show, not even one of the parents did something to keep their offspring safe or try to protect them in any way when they should.

6. Peppa Pig

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There are a few main issues with this show, believe it or not. It seems like an innocent animated production but there are things about the scenario that are not okay. For instance, Peppa’s constant tantrums are tolerated by her mom. Oh, and the mom keeps mocking the dad for being fat while the kids are there listening.

7. Parks and Recreation

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Leslie Knope’s mother also joins this list, and there is a good reason for that. She is one of those parents who always try to stand out in front of their kids and boast with their own achievements while trying to bring their offspring down at the same time. Kids need to feel appreciated, and in this case Leslie always feels like she needs to catch up and meet her mom’s expectations.

8. Caillou

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This is one show that would probably be approved to be here by most people. The main character is a spoiled rascal who has a questionable behavior and always gets away with what he does, because his parents obviously favor him. He even treats his baby sister bad and still gets no punishment or scolding.

9. The Gilmore Girls

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There was a whole lot that happened in the show but we need to mention Emily’s behavior. It seems that some people like her for doing what she does, but it really isn’t the kind of parenting that we would prefer to see from her. For example, Emily likes doing things behind Lorelei’s back, which is not nice.

10. Nurse Jackie

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There are a lot of comments online about this TV show, and more than a few of them reflect on the parenting skills of Jackie and her husband. They both do controversial things, and viewers even blame her that even when she is completely sober, she is still far from a role model parent.

11. Sleeping Beauty

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King Stefan and Queen Leah had to act in their daughter’s best interest, but they actually didn’t. They knew the curse could take effect only after she turns sixteen, but they still sent her for a life in the forest for the years prior to that for no reason. It seems that it was a bad decision.

12. Shameless

Image Source: IMDB

Here is one really good example of how parents should not treat their children. Throughout the show, the main character Frank showed all his controversial ways, but one thing in particular was obvious – he never really treated his offspring the way he should. He actually behaved as supposed to when he needed something from them.

13. Modern Family

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Despite the huge fan base, the show offers one too many bad parenting examples, because almost all of the main characters are either parents or their children. The main thing that Claire and Phil always do that irritates us the way they divide their kids. They push Alex to be successful while they feel Hailey feel bad about not being so good in school like Alex.

14. Full House

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Well, there are more than a few issues here. It seems that Danny has trust issues when it comes to his daughters, and that would be a huge problem in real life. He also seems to be bad at giving the right advice, which is something the father figure should do.

15. The Parent Trap

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Here is one really good proof of what we described in the intro. The two adorable twins decided to bring their parents together again right after meeting each other, but they never thought about the situation they were in the first place. Their parents simply separated them because they were selfish enough to choose to live on different locations around the world, and the twins paid the price.

Written by Sven Miller

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