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Top 13 Of The Most Beautiful Celebrity Weddings That Happened In 2019

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Since 2019 is almost over, we thought we should make a summary of the best celeb weddings we had the chance to see. It appears 2019 was a good year when it comes to marriages between the rich and famous, as there are plenty to choose from. We chose some of those we thought were the best in terms of beauty and positive vibes, and the list below is loaded with smiles and good mood.

1. Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas

Image Source: Instagram

These two are among the cutest couples we have seen lately, and despite the fact that some people have a different opinion on that matter, we are more than certain that the majority of fans are more than happy to see these two form a family! Trying to say a bad word about this marriage is out of the question.

2. Lauren Hashian and The Rock

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This was hardly as surprise, but it is still something worth mentioning. There is nothing more beautiful than a love that grows stronger while the years go by, and this is what The Rock is lucky enough to have. He and the love of his life got married this year, and it was a gorgeous ceremony!

3. Hilarie Burton and Jeffrey Dean Morgan

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You have probably heard of the term ‘family goals’, right? Well, this Hollywood actor definitely knows how meeting these goals feels like! His beautiful family is a dream, and his wife is also a blessing he is definitely glad to have. Their marriage was the best thing that could happen to them.

4. Heidi Klum and Tom Kaulitz

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After her long relationship with Seal, Heidi Klum took her time and now she appears to be more than happy; she is literally blossoming and her marriage to Tom Kaulitz is definitely the main reason. Her chosen one kind of looks like Jason Momoa, but is not exactly his spitting image. That is not important, of course, as she loves him just the way he is.

5. Chris Pratt and Katherine Schwarzenegger

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Well, what could be better than seeing two beautiful people dedicating their lives to each other! Chris Pratt is loved by every movie fan for his talent and personality, and we believe that he will do everything to make his wife as happy as she deserves to be! They look really good together and you could even refer to them as the perfect couple.

6. Lea Michele and Zandy Reich

Image Source: Instagram

Here is yet another couple that is nothing but a delight to everyone’s eyes. Lea Michele is one of the best actresses we know today, and she has it all: good looks, great personality and a huge talent! She deserves a great husband and now she has one. We hope they are super happy as a married couple.

7. Meaghan Oppenheimer and Tom Ellis

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Image Source: Instagram

It seems that one of the most stylish couples who decided to get married this year is the one you see here. They look really good together in their everyday life, too, but their wedding photos are really something else! The grace and the atmosphere is something worth mentioning!

8. Gigi Gorgeous and Nats Getty

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We live in times when love conquers all, and all the other details are not of great importance. This is one couple that might spark some controversy, but one thing cannot be denied – these people are beautiful! The smiles on their faces and the joy that can be felt just by looking at them is contagious and we like that positive vibe!

9. Michelle Branch and Patrick Carney

Image Source: Instagram

Celeb couples and their weddings are not always what fans would expect. It doesn’t take for a wedding to be super flashy and fancy in order to be memorable and elegant. When there is love and tons of smiles, the rest is not of great importance. This famous couple proves it, and we are super glad we got to see images from their wedding.

10. Elle Evans and Matt Bellamy

Image Source: Instagram

When it comes to the location, the decoration and the styling, this couple pulled off one of the best weddings this year! It is enough to check Elle’s Instagram account if you want to have your eyes full of beauty, style and grace. Matt’s costume is definitely the most beautiful groom outfit we have seen in a long time.

11. Annika Backes and DJ Tiësto

Image Source: Instagram

One of the legendary DJs who is rocking the scene for many years in a row also got married to his girlfriend this year. The wedding ceremony took place in a special location, and you can see just how amazing the photos from the event turned out to be. It was a dream wedding and we hope it will inspire the groom to make lots of new brilliant tracks for all of us to enjoy!

12. Leona Lewis and Dennis Jauch

Image Source: Instagram

Remember the song that skyrocketed Leona Lewis in the world of the top celebrities? It was a single to remember, but it also seems that today Leona is much, much happier. Just looking at her smile is enough to make us smile, too! We know Dennis will make her just as happy as she deserves to be! Her delicate nature requires a gentle touch, and we wish them many years of ultimate happiness!

13. Ellie Goulding and Caspar Jopling

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Ellie Goulding has been among our favorite singers for years now, and she deserves to be happy because of her cool personality! She always sings about love and it appears she now knows how that feels! She will definitely enjoy this marriage and we are sure about that, as her husband is a really cool person as well.

Written by Sven Miller

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