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Did you know that James Earl Jones was only paid $7k for his work as Darth Vader. If he….


James Earl Jones probably possesses one of the most famous voices in the world. He is the voice of Darth Vader in the iconic Star Wars series. The actor appeared in the Live! With Regis and Kelly show where he revealed some interesting facts about his popular role.

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At first David Prowse had been chosen for the job but producers and directors decided his voice didn’t fit the role and focused on Orson Welles. Later they considered he is too widely-known and recognizable. Thus, Earl Jones was asked to take the job and he agreed. You know how the story goes on from that point onwards. Jones admitted he had chosen to get money instead of take credits and this seems to be a great mistake eventually. At the time Jones was broke, so he agreed to take $7,000. Other people from the movie became millionaires because they made the other choice and took credits rather than cash.


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